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Find out why Siteglide is best for small business.

Packed with features, easy to use and great support.

5+ Systems in 1 cloud based login.

Edit your website, send email campaigns, manage your customers, sell your products and analyse the results all from one central login. Save time and money by using one system to run your business online. Write a blog post that attracts a new visitor who then fills in a form and subscribes to an email campaign. Managing these systems separately requires more admin and is often costly.

website content management or CMS

A simple Content Management System (CMS)

There are many content editing systems but very few are as simple to use. Siteglide focuses on splitting content from code. This simple premise means that you can change text, images, links and more without any training and without being able to break any code. This is partly down to the powerful Adobe platform at the core but also the way in which our sites are designed and structured.

simple content management system, easy to use

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) at the core

Perhaps the most unique and powerful feature of the Adobe platform is the customer database that helps automate the sales process and generate powerful reports. Whenever a user interacts with your site the details are stored in the CRM which can in turn add them to an email campaign list, send an auto-responder or show you how effective your marketing is.

websites with CRM built in

Integrated Email Marketing that anyone can manage

Email Marketing can often be complex, fiddly and time consuming. We've made it extremely simple while ensuring it's flexible and engaging. Send automated campaigns with content from your blog/website. Grow your subscriber list automatically with online forms. Siteglide can help you communicate with thousands of people just with a few clicks.

email marketing with reporting, built into Siteglide responsive web design

Take payments online or run a full eCommerce webshop

Although this is predominantly for retailers it can be used to take payments for services or as a way to manage credit control by giving customers an option to pay bills online. The CRM really comes into its own here as you can send automated email campaigns to people that have bought from you previously and then monitor the results.

Analyse performance with the reporting suite

An important part of business and marketing in particular is tracking results, making improvements analysing the difference. The integrated analytics suites gives you in-depth reporting on specific interactions with each element of the Siteglide platform. It can provide more accurate data than Google Analytics and show more detailed reports on website interaction all from within the central login.

responsive web design and in-built reporting

Stay current, improve SEO and gain traction

Communication is key to succeeding online and something that Google wants to see if they're going to rank your site highly. Your potential customers also want to see you're staying current and are influential in your industry. Siteglide helps you create and maintain a strong web presence.

SEO-friendly CMS websites by Siteglide

Save time with one simple system

Website management can be extremely time consuming but with Siteglide you can edit your site extremely easily. You can schedule new content to be released at certain times as well as scheduled email campaigns using content from your site. There's no easier way to communicate online.

easy CMS from Siteglide, email marketing is built in

Save money on support costs

Maintaining a website can be costly if you need your web developers to make changes for you. Going backwards and forwards with a developer asking them to make small changes isn't productive but is a common problem because companies either don't have a CMS or it's not easy to use. We put you in control and can help you save a fortune.

Berkshire website support, CMS and marketing tools

UK Support

Having a powerful system to help you manage your business online is one thing but having dedicated, business grade UK support is an essential element that helps your business grow. As Premium Adobe Business Catalyst UK Partners we know the system inside out and have put in place the necessary elements to help small and medium businesses manage their Siteglide websites. We have a choice of nightly and weekly backup services, online training (videos and a full wiki) and experienced technical support on hand if and when you need it. 

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