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Webinar Summary:

Are you migrating away from Adobe BC? Here at Siteglide, we don't believe in simply replacing BC, we belive in building for the future. Hear from CEO & Co-Founder Luke Wakefield who demonstrates how you too can transform your agency with User-First principles and the right technologies.

Key points:

Websites are dead

Websites are Dead

Selling websites is a saturated market and doesn't give businesses what they need to succeed.

Think Digital Experiences

Think Digital Experiences

Offer clients exceptional digital experiences that solve their users needs and helps clients thrive.



Siteglide is a Digital Experience Platform which helps you deliver far more than a CMS allows.

Don't Wrestle with Tech

Don't Wrestle with Tech

Many agencies struggle with self-managed or inferior platforms and it holds them back.

Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed Service

Siteglide is a fully managed service so you can focus on what you do best, helping clients succeed.

Build without Boundaries

Build without Boundaries

Developers have total control and can get under the hood via the CLI and API.

Case Study: Enginate, Chicago based Agency

Devon Reehl, from Enginate is a well known and long standing BC Partner. He explains how Siteglide helps them deliver better results to their customers and take on projects knowing they can say yes to their requirements without hitting limitations.


"Siteglide was an ideal choice for rebuilding our fully custom online course portal, which had a lot of moving pieces. We needed a platform that could handle a large scale community, allow for flexibility, and the ability to easily manage a customer's account and access to certain content within the platform. Siteglide's CRM, Secure Zones and payment functionality made all this possible. Their team is reliable and willing to help, and we have plenty of headroom for growth as our client's needs evolve."

Devon Reehl - Co-Founder - Enginate

Why is Siteglide the perfect Business Catalyst replacement?

We don't just know Business Catalyst, we built Siteglide because of Business Catalyst.

Business Catalyst was revolutionary in 2004 and had features that are still hard to beat in 2018 when EOL was announced. We've taken the best concepts and partnered with PlatformOS (run by Business Catalyst co-founder Adam Broadway) to build what Business Catalyst could have been...the platform that puts the User First by having the CRM at the centre of everything.


A CRM at the core plus CMS, eCommerce, Email Marketing and Custom Databases.


Total control over front end code. Customise features within the UI and directly via CLI/API.


A managed solution built on Amazon (AWS) with 99.99% Uptime SLA.


Bill clients directly from the portal including your fees/charges. All fully automated.


From small brochure sites to large eCommerce sites and enterprise Community Marketplaces.


Fully documented, regular training webinars and development partners available to assist.

Content Management:Edit Content not Code

Visual Editor

Simply view the site and make edits live

Rich Text Editor

Paste content, build tables and manage images

Email Designer

Design and Build Emails Without Code

Layout Library

Insert pre-built layouts and customise

Export your sites from BC

Using BCExporter with Siteglide makes migrations easy.

We have partnered with BCExporter to make migrations as easy as possible. Simply download the ZIP file from BCExporter and import WebApps with the click of a button. Also use our CSV Import and Export tools to work with data during migration and once live. We're adding more import features all the time.

Get 10% off by using the link below to sign up!

Get 10% off BCExporter


Picking the right infrastructure is key to any client project but picking the wrong one for multiple clients is disasterous for agencies. BC was reliable and pretty powerful but Siteglide takes this further and provides the tools and flexibility you need with the reassurance of an enterprise grade infrastructure.

Amazon AWS

Benefit from the hugely popular and reliable AWS infrastucture which includes SSL certificates and a Content Delivery Network.


Access to an incredibly powerful and flexible DevOps layer on top of AWS with GraphQL which makes Siteglide unique.

Flexible Usage-based Pricing

With Siteglide you can use the full range of features with any site and just pay based on how much you use. Usage metrics include: Storage, Bandwidth, Database Items, Emails, Domains and Users.

Full Feature Access

Access all features of Siteglide on every plan giving you and your clients total flexibility as your requirements grow.

Agency Only Pricing

Become a Siteglide Agency Partner to access site plans. Use our automated billing system, set your pricing and charge clients directly.

A few of our Agency Partners

Benefits for Business Catalyst Partners

We've created an incredible promotional offer for BC Partners to transition to Siteglide as seamlessly as possible while increasing profitability and efficiency.

Discounted Pricing

Discounts on our already discounted agency pricing until March 2020.

Free Agency Site

A free site for your agency (up to the Plus Plan) once you have 10 1 live client site.

Global Community

Partners (many BC partners) from across the globe working together.

Dedicated Support

All the benefits of a SaaS solution including SLA, Live Chat and regularly updated Documentation.

Webinars & Training

We help our development partners get the most from Siteglide via training and webinars.

Free Design Toolkit

Use our latest standards Design System and Bootstrap Layouts to streamline your projects.

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