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Aubrey Lee moves to Siteglide


A brand new look and new functionality for Aubrey Lee.

When north Manchester estate agents, Aubrey Lee, wanted an improved web presence they consulted with Berkshire web developers, Wysi. The existing site (now replaced) was a very basic 'brochure' style site which served all Aubrey Lee properties from a 3rd party database using an iframe. (Sounds technical, so in plain English the properties and details, with all the juicy keywords for Google, were not part of the Aubrey Lee domain. An iframe is sometimes used to bring in external content from other sites/ servers/ databases but Google does not read that content; thus it gets no credit in terms of search engine optimisation.) This was an issue that needed to be addressed, as well as a much cleaner, tidier build. Furthermore, the old site was not responsive so the presentation on mobile devices was very hard to use.

One of the many important considerations for the new build was the synchronisation of properties for sale and to let; in other words when uploaded to Rightmove and other property websites, they needed to show on the Aubrey Lee site as well. When a property was sold (or the price changed) this also needed to be reflected on the client site on a same-day basis to avoid anomalies and discrepancies.

Siteglide was chosen as the preferred platform due to its rugged database capabilities (web apps), CRM (customer database), Email Marketing facilities and its easy-to-ease Content Management System (CMS). The challenge was to link up the data from the 3rd party server (Vebra) and reflect all changes/ additions/ deletions on the Aubrey Lee site itself. This was achieved by the developers (Wysi) by using an intermediate server and parsing the XML data via a PHP script that updated the Web Apps databases. (An API, in other words.)  The result is that when a property is marked as 'Under Offer' on the Rightmove website the same record is updated on the Aubrey Lee website within a couple of hours.

As for Google.... the results speak for themselves.

Wysi of Berkshire specialise in complex database applications, Open Source PHP and MySQL development as well as building powerful business websites onto the Siteglide web management system. To find out more, just visit the website

Luke Wakefield

Luke Wakefield

Luke has a passion for technology that makes website management easier for small businesses and offers a rich experience for website visitors. With his Automotive Engineering background he has created a slick process for customising a website to a clients requirements and giving them the support to help their business grow online.

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