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Construction Industry Website 'TheB1M' Goes Live on Siteglide


What is TheB1M? It is a company involved in developing and promoting BIM worldwide. Their website is all about getting the word out to as many people as possible so that BIM becomes the industry-standard of the future for both private and public construction.

The acronym BIM stands for 'building information modelling', which is the process of generating digital representations of physical spaces. Those representations include both design features and function in order to give project managers, planners, and policymakers important information throughout every stage of a construction project. BIM is a relatively new form of modelling that is now being used for everything from commercial buildings to residential housing to government infrastructure projects.

In designing their Siteglide site, TheB1M needed a layout that was not only functional but that would also be appropriate to the construction industry. They chose our Construction Website layout because it met or exceeded all of their expectations. Among those expectations were membership capability and database management.

Bespoke Membership

One of the goals of the TheB1M is to inspire 1 million people to actively support BIM utilisation for construction projects around the world. To that end, they will be offering a series of informational and inspirational videos free to members. The earlier a given member becomes a site adopter, the greater the access to these videos will be. Each new member will be assigned a number that indicates how early in the process he or she joined.

In order to keep track of adoption rates and what videos are available to each individual, TheB1M needed a bespoke membership platform capable of advanced operations. Siteglide was able to supply that platform for them. Our easy-to-use membership tool was customised for their unique needs and implemented to their standards. Any other company needing a bespoke membership site could do the same thing.

Bespoke Database

TheB1M also had specific needs for their database information. Again, choosing our Construction Website layout provided the database tools necessary to meet the company's needs. They are able to efficiently manage database information in a way that makes that information instantly usable at any time. What's more, the company's databases are secure and protected at all times. Siteglide is committed to providing bespoke database websites for companies and organisations in nearly every sector.

It Might Be Right for You

Building information modelling is just one industry that can benefit from our Construction Website layout. Other construction related industries could find this layout useful as well, including commercial and residential architecture, interior design, individual building trades, consultants, and many more. The layout would even be the perfect choice for an engineering website design that might be completely separate from building trades.

Siteglide is proud to offer layouts and websites for construction companies and related businesses, like TheB1M. We believe we have a layout that would be ideal for your business as well. Right now, we are offering our BusinessLite Promotion to new customers looking for a new and better kind of content management system. This promotion gives you 10% off when you sign up as a new subscriber. Contact us for more details or start your 30-day free trial right now.

Luke Wakefield

Luke Wakefield

Luke has a passion for technology that makes website management easier for small businesses and offers a rich experience for website visitors. With his Automotive Engineering background he has created a slick process for customising a website to a clients requirements and giving them the support to help their business grow online.

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