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Developer Website Layout Now Available on Siteglide


Small and mid-size companies engaged in professional services need a website that maximises both content and SEO elements to achieve high search rankings, presented in a way that grabs the attention of visitors. That's just what the Developer layout from Siteglide offers. We highly recommend this layout for:

business consultants
• financial services providers
• solicitors and law offices
• interior designers and decorators
• architects and property developers.

The Developer layout is ideal for presenting a professional image without sacrificing high-quality content. It combines the best of a multi-page website with a front-page portfolio for eye-catching functionality. This is the layout you are looking for if visual imagery is important to the message you want to present.

Despite its highly sophisticated appearance, we have designed this layout to be incredibly easy to use. We have separated content from code, so it is impossible for you to ‘break’ things under normal circumstances.

We invite you to take a tour of this layout by following the 'layouts' link under the 'Showcase' heading at the top of this page. You will then see why we believe that this layout is the best option for companies looking to put together a professional services website.

Developer Layout Features

The Developer website layout puts the power of a professional website in your hands. When you choose this layout, we are confident you will appreciate its incredible features:

- Responsive Design – The responsive design of the layout makes it ideal for a property developer website. Customers will be able to enjoy full functionality and visual appeal regardless of the device being used to access it. Whether visitors are checking in on their mobile phones or are visiting on a desktop computer, the site will work equally well.

- Portfolios – Portfolio images are an important part of this layout. Easy portfolio management is ideal for the architect website or something similar, on which multiple images are routinely displayed and rotated in and out.

- WebApps – We built this layout to take full advantage of Siteglide's complete suite of WebApps for site management. By combining easy design and usable apps, we have made the development and management of your site as easy as using a word processor.

- Calls to Action – The call to action is one of the tools we use to increase conversion rates. Calls to action are appropriate to any professional services website, even if you are not selling tangible products. Our well-placed calls will encourage your users to make a positive decision regarding your services.

Fresh content and social media marketing are a big part of the modern online world. Therefore, we have also included features that will enable you to take full advantage of both. Our content management system (CMS) uses pre-built layouts, like the Developer layout, to put the power of professional, responsive websites in the hands of our customers.

The Developer layout is more than just an attractive portfolio website template; it is a complete web management solution combining responsive web design, e-commerce, customer relationship management, e-mail marketing, and web analytics in a single package. It is the only tool you will need to effectively reach your customers online.

Please feel free to check out the Developer layout along with the others on our site. When doing so, make sure to look at how the site would appear across multiple platforms. This feature gives you a good idea of how we make responsive web design work for you. If you are interested in moving forward with Siteglide, we invite you to take advantage of our BusinessLite Promotion, offering 10% off your initial purchase.

Luke Wakefield

Luke Wakefield

Luke has a passion for technology that makes website management easier for small businesses and offers a rich experience for website visitors. With his Automotive Engineering background he has created a slick process for customising a website to a clients requirements and giving them the support to help their business grow online.

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