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Newbury Showground Website Case Study


In 2011 Newbury Showground decided it was time to upgrade their website as it was becoming outdated, cluttered and difficult to manage. Websites and technology evolve quickly and the time was right to move to Siteglide to benefit from the various features they needed without the high costs of building them from scratch.

The first Siteglide site launched by our sister company, Wysi, onto Siteglide with a whole section for the Berkshire County Show that included a blog, interactive visitor planner, photo galleries and much more. Newbury Showground were able to manage various aspects of the website keeping it up to date and adding new content that could be scheduled to go live on a certain date. The success of this site and the way in which websites have evolved for mobile and tablet use led to discussions for a revamp in late 2013. We discussed how we could customise Siteglide to give them the optimum experience and decided upon a Siteglide layout with full use of our exceptional 'Web App' feature.

Wysi customised our Golf design layout ( and built a separate site for the Show creating an entirely new brand identity for Berkshire County Show. Wysi used Web Apps to create set layouts that could easily be created, edited, moved and deleted by Newbury Showground to give them total flexibility and control of their website. Nearly every section of the new website is built using Web Apps and allows them to quickly turn elements on and off or add more.

The way the Newbury Showground websites have evolved is a great example of how the web has changed, how we've used technology to improve the end result while making it easier to manage and how working closely with a client and building a strong relationship can pay dividends. We're proud to work with Newbury Showground and help promote the Berkshire County Show for the 3rd year running.

† Wysi are one of the leading web development companies in Berkshire

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Luke Wakefield

Luke Wakefield

Luke has a passion for technology that makes website management easier for small businesses and offers a rich experience for website visitors. With his Automotive Engineering background he has created a slick process for customising a website to a clients requirements and giving them the support to help their business grow online.

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