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Rob Green Associates website live


When Rob Green Associates needed a website they wanted a simple but effective design and layout that showcased the business services they offer. The ability to manage the website and edit the content was paramount. Siteglide was therefore chosen as the best platform due to its choice of CMS (Content Management Systems). Siteglide, built on the Adobe Business Catalyst core, provides 3 options of content management: a visual editor (IceCube, previously known as InContext), a rich text advanced editor and a full HTML editor. Siteglide customers can edit many of the textual areas of their websites using IceCube; they simply browse the website as if they were a visitor. This quick and simple method of website editing is particularly popular with techno-phobes!

Content Management Systems come in a variety of flavours; many are a tad fiddly to use and users can even break the HTML code on the web page in some cases. That's why Siteglide comes with a choice of 3 robust, dependable web content editors. Using the rich text advanced editor is as easy as using Microsoft Word™. The HTML editor gives complete control over the page code - more for techies but good to know it's there.

For a free no obligation demo of Siteglide's content management system and to see how easy it is to manage your website content, just drop us a line.

Luke Wakefield

Luke Wakefield

Luke has a passion for technology that makes website management easier for small businesses and offers a rich experience for website visitors. With his Automotive Engineering background he has created a slick process for customising a website to a clients requirements and giving them the support to help their business grow online.

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