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Struggling To Find the Right CMS? Demo Siteglide today.


Content management systems (CMS) are now the preferred platform for building, developing and maintaining modern websites. The popularity of CMS platforms lies in the fact that these are easy enough to use for just about anyone, even without a basic understanding of programming languages and web development. Furthermore, there are different platforms designed for different types of websites.

If there is a downside to content management systems, it is the fact that it can be hard to find one that meets all of your needs in a single package. If you are struggling to find the right CMS, we encourage you to request a demo of Siteglide to discover how it can help your business. Siteglide is more than just a CMS platform; it is an all-in-one environment for maintaining your website and administering your business.

Let's look at some of the features Siteglide offers:

Websites – Siteglide makes it easy to create and deploy a professional website that can boost the reputation of your business. Our layouts and simple design tools make it incredibly easy for you to create a responsive website that works as well on a laptop as it does on a mobile device. Website editing is fast and easy as well.

Marketing – With Siteglide, you are in control of your online marketing efforts by way of integrated marketing tools that include features such as automatic e-mail campaigns and SEO implementation. You will also be able to follow your marketing efforts through comprehensive reports showing your progress.

Management – Customer relationship management (CRM) is an important part of Siteglide. With our CRM tools, you can easily and efficiently manage relationships with your customers. We give you access to database management, online payments, and so much more.

Web Management Made Easy

The success of any content management system relies in its ease of use. After all, if a website owner cannot figure out how to use his or her platform, he or she is likely to move on to something else. When we created Siteglide, we did so with this knowledge as the basis of what we wanted to build. Our goal is, and always has been, to create a comprehensive CMS that makes web management easy.

Siteglide puts you in control by providing you with a suite of tools that makes web management an integral part of your business rather than a standalone entity. Furthermore, our platform is a more cost-effective option than hiring a professional web development firm to handle your regular website updates or your online presence. It is the best of both worlds in that regard. You get a suite of tools used by the professionals at a cost that is more in line with your budget. 

We invite you to a free demo of Siteglide which can then be followed by a 30 day, no obligation, free trial if you wish. You will quickly understand the power of a comprehensive content management system that makes the task of web management easy for anyone. Whether you need a new site or a redesign of your current site, Siteglide is the all-in-one CMS platform for you. Request a demo today.

Robert Wakefield

Robert Wakefield

Robert Wakefield founded Siteglide in 2012 after having worked in the web design, SEO and IT sector since the mid-90's. Robert's main interests include website usability, visitor experience, SEO and website marketing in general.

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