Goodbye BC, Hello Siteglide

Design, build and manage without constraints

A Powerful & Scalable Web Platform for Digital Agencies

The CMS is just the start. Build and manage websites and web applications for clients of all sizes without limitations.

Easy to Use

Create and edit both static and dynamic content without technical expertise. Visual Editor means clients can edit by just viewing their site.

Flexible & Powerful

'WebApps' allow you to create database driven content with ease and display it anywhere. Total control if you want to jump under the hood (HTML/CSS/JS etc).

The Best Infrastructure

Built on Platform OS and hosted on Amazon (AWS) gives you total peace of mind and flexibility. Scalable for Small Business to Enterprise solutions.

The CMS without limitations

Build and manage bespoke sites and applications with ease.

Siteglide lets you build and manage websites without limitations, regardless of size or complexity. From static sites to enterprise level marketplaces and apps.

The CMS is disconnected from the website removing dependencies and limitations.
This is extremely powerful and the future of the Content Management System.

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WebApp Builder (For Agencies)

Build Dynamic Content without Database Expertise

WebApps are one of the best BC features and hardest to replace. The good news is we've gone further and improved them at the same time.

You're able to create WebApps with a few clicks, then create items, insert them into pages with the 1-click Toolbox and edit Layouts with the available fields listed for speed and ease.

WebApps are the focal point of our Roadmap and we're excited to get partner feedback on where we could take this.

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Platform OS (PaaS) and Siteglide (SaaS)
We help agencies get the most from the incredible Platform OS ecosystem

Platform OS is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that enables software companies to build flexible and scalable software as well as bespoke end client solutions. We chose Platform OS because of their philosophy to make everything open and integrated via APIs. They use the latest technologies to provide an off-the-shelf stack that is second to none while being scalable enough to handle small SME projects through to complex Enterprise solutions.

Siteglide is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web development tool managed through one central online login. It empowers digital agencies and developers to get the most from Platform OS and build out websites and web applications with ease. Our Admin UI interacts directly with Platform OS instances but there is no dependency on it whatsoever which has many benefits. You are not tied into using Siteglide, nor are you limited by Siteglide in terms of what can be built. You simply benefit from the Siteglide Admin UI and its ever-growing set of tools both for developers and website owners.

Introductory Pricing for Business Catalyst Partners

Our core Admin CMS for building and maintaining websites onto Platform OS.

CMS Features

File Manager
Content Sections
WebApp Builder
Code Editor
Visual Editor
Includes Manager
Dynamic Menus
Workflow Emails
Web Forms

Core pOS Tools

Partner Portal
Domain Configuration
SSL Certificates
Staging & Production Environments
eCommerce Engine
Authorisation Policies (Secure Zones)
BCMigration Tool
Github Syncing
GraphQL & Liquid Markup
AWS Hosting

Monthly Pricing

£35 GBP / $50 USD / $70 AUD
Billed Automatically via Stripe
Cancel Anytime
Usage Limits
10,000 Database Objects
5,000 API Object Calls per month
200 Reporting Jobs per month
1TB Bandwidth per month
1000MB Storage
5,000 Email sends per month
We will lock-in this plan for all sites that BC Partners put live in 2018.
We will also offer this on new sites put live in 2019 to all partners that put at least one site live in 2018.
From January 2019 there will be tiered pricing (feature based) but this will start from $50pm (with similar features).
Contact us if you have more than 50 sites to migrate within 6 months (our BC Migration tool can help too).
We offer Support Packages to assist with training and development.
All prices are subject to VAT for European companies.

Siteglide Feature List

Just some of the features and benefits of using Siteglide coupled with Platform OS.


Siteglide is built to work on any device, you have total control over the framework; Bootstrap etc or bespoke.

SEO Ready

We have built all the necessary Search Engine Optimisation tools right into the core of Siteglide.

SSL Secure

Every Siteglide website comes with a free SSL certificate to ensure your site and your visitors are safe.

AWS Hosting

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the industry standard in hosting and helps ensure security, speed and reliability.

Visual Editor

Our Visual Editor redefines how businesses and marketing agencies manage content: with ease.

Page Builder

Our Toolbox offers a quick and easy way of inserting sections/content to build out pages.

Blog & News

All the blogging tools you would expect but even easier to use and fully integrated with your site.

WebApp Builder

Build bespoke databases without any technical expertise. Simply point and click to create fields and insert data.

Site Settings

Manage global site details in one place that update across the whole account. Take complete control of your site.


Fully customisable forms that integrate with your marketing activity and automated processes.


A really easy way to manage the navigation for your site. Pick which pages to show and how they appear.

File Manager

Manage all your assets in one place including images, PDFs and videos that can then be used anywhere.

Code Editor

Create and Edit layouts for static and dynamic content all in one place. Alternatively connect via your IDE.

RSS Feeds

With dynamic data it's important to keep people updated on new items whether it's blog posts or case studies.

Google Analytics

Siteglide is integrated with Google Analytics to capture vital statistics and help you improve your marketing.


Use categories to further enhance WebApps and dynamically load the most relevant content.


Use your Github flow to ensure everything is backed up and tracked. Admin and IDE are both synced.

Marketplace Kit

Connect directly to instances using platform-OS Marketplace Kit for more technical users.


Use Staging and Production Environments to reduce issues and downtime on live sites.

Full pOS Feature Set

We do not restrict your access to the platform-OS feature set, you have full control over your client sites.

Limited Time Special Offer - Only for BC Partners

On our Partners page you will see how we typically work with agencies but we want to offer BC Partners something a little different as we're a strong community and we know your requirements as we're all in the same boat!

3 more reasons to switch to Siteglide in 2018:
No partner fees | $50pm pOS plan (no mark-up) | Monthly billing (via Stripe)

To become a Beta Tester or discuss becoming a Partner simply join our Community Form and add your name to the list or ask a question using the Live Chat button (bottom right).

Become a Beta Tester
Request Beta access now!
Free Beta sites to trial Siteglide
No obligation whatsoever
Full access to platform-OS
Become an Agency Partner
Request a Partner Portal Account
Build a client site ready for Go Live
Put your first site live
You're officially an Agency Partner!
Migrations & Support
Contact us regarding BC migrations
Documentation site provided
Co-Branding option available soon
Ad hoc or Priority Support Available

Become an Agency Partner in 2018 to lock-in the $50pm plan above for any sites that go live in 2018 or 2019.
Pricing will not be made public and you will be billed directly meaning Partners can control pricing to clients.

All The Support Whenever You Need It

Via our dedicated Support Portal, live chat or phone service - we're here to help.

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