Town Hall #81 - Siteglide is building the future with platformOS

Siteglide continues to revolutionize as a flexible and extensible Design Experience Platform.

Join us at our next Town Hall where Siteglide’s Martin Sanderson discusses:

- how picking the right core platform has been instrumental in building Siteglide

- how the core modular architecture of Siteglide allows for flexibility and scalability...

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Siteglide Executive Lounge #2

We discussed the release of events module, including calendar integration, maps integration, ticketing both free and paid, advanced search and filtering, searching of address and more!

We also announced our new Zapier app along with Public API, for integrations with thousands of third party tools, highlights from this week’s...

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Siteglide Executive Lounge #1

We had a special announcement: We are now giving free BC Exporter credits for each site either live now, or that you put live in the future! Get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

We also took a look at all of the following:

  • Updates, Documentation and...

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Town Hall #75 - Siteglide and Hybrid SaaS by Wysi (and why copying BC is wrong)

As web developers I am sure you have experienced frustration where your clients’ online ambitions cannot be met by the limited features of the various SaaS solutions you use.

There is a better way! You might have heard us coin the term “Hybrid SaaS” as it relates the platformOS ecosystem...

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Town Hall #72 - End of year update from Siteglide on platformOS

As you blink and realize 2019 is drawing to an end, Luke has an update on the Roadmap and latest features to be released on Siteglide.

It’s a chance to see eCommerce, CRM Import, Starter Site and other new features in action and review the new interactive Roadmap and Community...

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Town Hall #70 - Siteglide Updates including WSI Conference in Cancun

After being appointed an official supplier to the world's largest network of internet consultants, WSI (We Simplify the Internet), SiteGlide were requested to attend their annual international conference in Cancun to educate WSI consultants why Siteglide has earned the choice as being the CMS, eCommerce and Marketing solution to replace...

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Town Hall #65 - Urszula Richards shares her Siteglide / platformOS learnings and Case Studies

Hear how Urszula Richards of onlineiq/Web Team Adelaide, marketer extraordinaire, is delivering top shelf solutions on Siteglide with ease and grace.

With the Siteglide CMS built on platformOS, the functionality needed by so many BC partners has been more than provided for, it’s truly unlimited.

You will hear how she:


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Town Hall #63 - Devon Reehl shows a large online course site deploy on Siteglide / pOS

Migrating a large and complex online course website from Business Catalyst (using Web Apps, Secure Zones and Payments) over to Siteglide!

How large and how complex?

Devon Reehl from Enginate takes us through the process, lessons learned, and shows off some of his favorite elements of Siteglide so far.

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Town Hall #62 - Siteglide, CBO and platformOS updates

We continue to get blown away by what our Partners are building on platformOS.

In this Town Hall, we had the pleasure of both Luke from Siteglide and Shane from CBO, taking us through what their teams have built.


Siteglide updates include:-

WSI Partnership - signed major...

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Town Hall #59 - Siteglide Design System, CMS, eComm, eMail Marketing, CLI, API's!!! BOOM!

Siteglide have been VERY busy and productive finishing the core features to give partners far more than just a BC replacement (Adobe EOL was for a strategic reason and to copy the same approach wont have longevity for your clients).

Luke Wakefield nails every question and shows what features are...

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