Town Hall #62 - Siteglide, CBO and platformOS updates

We continue to get blown away by what our Partners are building on platformOS.

In this Town Hall, we had the pleasure of both Luke from Siteglide and Shane from CBO, taking us through what their teams have built.


Siteglide updates include:-

WSI Partnership - signed major...

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Town Hall #59 - Siteglide Design System, CMS, eComm, eMail Marketing, CLI, API's!!! BOOM!

Siteglide have been VERY busy and productive finishing the core features to give partners far more than just a BC replacement (Adobe EOL was for a strategic reason and to copy the same approach wont have longevity for your clients).

Luke Wakefield nails every question and shows what features are...

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Town Hall #44 - Import Advanced Webapps from BC to Siteglide, case studies and eCommerce

Imagine migrating large BC Webapps and all associated data, in 1-click!

No more imagining! Siteglide will be demonstrating their migration tools and case study examples of migration in action - and not just basics like site assets, but the heavy lifting of Webapp schemas and data.

From a one click...

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Town Hall #37 — Siteglide presents 'Business Catalyst without the limitations'

The new ‘game changer’ platformOS Modules are being leveraged by Siteglide, and in this video you will see how they’ve launched a SaaS solution on top of platformOS that is powerful and scalable (and extendable for almost ANY business application requirement via the pOS foundation).

Luke from Siteglide will demonstrate...

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