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All the tools to succeed online.

A Content Management System, Customer Relationship Manager, Email Marketing Suite, Webshop, Analytics Suite and much more.

Content Holders

Content Holders

Store content that you want to reuse throughout the site in one simple place. E.g. Update phone numbers once across the whole site.

Easy Editor

Edit your web pages from one simple online editor and even 'rollback' if you make a mistake. Add imagery, text, database items and SEO elements.

File Manager

Upload and manage all files that you want to use online. PDFs, images and various other files can be managed simply and securely.


Integrated Web Forms to CRM allow you to quickly capture visitor data, send auto-responder emails, subscribe to lists and much more.


Create and edit website navigation menus from a simple to use, drag and drop, editor. Quickly and easily insert into pages with one click.

SEO Friendly

Edit page titles, descriptions, meta keywords and other page content to help achieve high rankings in the major search engines, and Google in particular.


Respond to enquiries instantly and provide additional information automatically. Great for lead management or support forms.

Capture Leads

When a visitor fills in a form they are automatically saved to your CRM and a full history of their activity can be accessed at any time.


Whenever an enquiry is submitted a case is created allowing you to manage customer support and sales enquiries from within Siteglide.

Live Feed

Quickly monitor activity across your site and drill down into an interaction such as a new enquiry, subscription or someone opening an email campaign.

Process Automation

Automatically subscribe customers, send out emails and trigger workflows to put your business processes on autopilot.


Siteglide can notify you of important actions such as enquiries and then run through a workflow of items that need to be actioned.

Email Marketing


Create professional HTML email campaigns without touching code. Fully customisable and easy to manage.

Easy Editing

Using our WebApps tool we have separated content from code meaning you create email campaigns by just editing text and images.

Email Automation

Send emails automatically based on actions and events. Minimise your workload and maximise customer experience.

Inbox Optimised

All email content is checked manually before sending which helps ensure our system avoids spam lists. You control the rest.


Create and manage email marketing lists. Subscribe individuals, upload from excel or add automatically from website forms.


Analyse how effective your campaigns are from open rate to actions to unsubscribes. Invaluable data to help you grow.



By integrating CMS, CRM, eMarketing, Analytics with eCommerce your shop becomes far more powerful.


Customers orders are logged in the CRM where you can view all their details, payment information and much more.


Various options including integrated seamless gateways such as Sagepay, Worldpay and Paypal Payments Pro.


Integrated shipping options such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, as well as your own options. Control options based on the order.

Stock Control

Manage products, pricing, inventory, catalogs, upsell/cross-sell, attributes and a full suite of features.


Create discount codes and vouchers that can be emailed to customers or applied at the checkout to encourage conversions.

WebApp Database


Create and manage categories to control what content shows where. An incredibly powerful feature that is quick to use.


Each item can be placed anywhere and even added to email campaigns and blog posts. They are truly dynamic.


Link one WebApp to another meaning you can create relational databases with a few clicks.


Create items but schedule when they are to be released on the website and even when they are to be removed.


WebApps make editing content and managing databases extremely easy. We have used them to build our entire website!


Add items to an RSS feed to submit them to external websites such as social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter).

Analytics Suite

Custom Reports

Companies looking for in-depth analysis on website performance can quickly compile and export custom reports.


A summary of how your business is performing with visitor stats, enquiries and any interactions with the website.

Drill down

Drill down into geographic location, traffic sources, entry pages, visitor loyalty, content usage and web form usage.


You may need to share results with colleagues or generate external reports. Just export to excel or PDF with one click.

Live Feed

See who is interacting with your website in the Live Feed. See who is filling in forms, opening email campaigns and clicking links.

Weekly Report

We know business owners are busy so we send out an at-a-glance weekly email report of how your website is performing.