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Customer Management (CRM)

Manage customers, store enquiries, send automated responses, analyse activity and much more.

Build your database automatically

Siteglide has a CRM at its core meaning it captures and stores details of all activity with the website. Every time a form is filled in a record is saved which helps build up your marketing database and displays invaluable data showing how the site is used and what each lead/customer has done.

Manage your customers and leads

From one central login you can find customers, see their activity with the site, edit their details, create opportunities, segment data, subscribe them to email lists and secure areas.

Send professional autoresponder emails

Whenever someone fills in a form you can send a professional HTML email reply automatically. This can be extremely useful for lead management both saving time and improving the customer experience.

CRM features built into Siteglide:


Respond to enquiries instantly and provide additional information automatically. Great for lead management or support forms.

Capture Leads

When a visitor fills in a form they are automatically saved to your CRM and a full history of their activity can be accessed at any time.


Whenever an enquiry is submitted a case is created allowing you to manage customer support and sales enquiries from within Siteglide.

Live Feed

Quickly monitor activity across your site and drill down into an interaction such as a new enquiry, subscription or someone opening an email campaign.

Process Automation

Automatically subscribe customers, send out emails and trigger workflows to put your business processes on autopilot.


Siteglide can notify you of important actions such as enquiries and then run through a workflow of items that need to be actioned.

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Whether you want to take payments for services, sell a small product range or a run an entire online webshop Siteglide is perfect as it is fully integrated with your website. Manage catalogs, products, payment gateways, gift vouchers, shipping options, customer accounts and much more.

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