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WebApp Database

Manage databases without any technical knowledge. We split content from code and allow you to run your business.

Databases for business

This is by far Siteglide's most powerful tool and one that has helped businesses move their entire business process online and make huge efficiencies. WebApps can be used to manage similar content such as a portfolio and testimonials or for some far more complex projects such as running an online membership site.

Unlimited possibilities

We can build portfolios, member areas, job listings, intranets, property listings, email marketing templates and anything that has multiple items that share the same layout/structure. WebApps are a great way to organise data, bring boring databases to life and move into the cloud.

Separate content from code

The real benefit of WebApps is that they make web management extremely simple but separating content from code. This means you can concentrate on editing text and imagery without worrying about breaking the layout. So many Content Management Systems have issues with the structure breaking when content is edited but WebApps ensure this cannot happen.

Business Process Automation

WebApps are pretty impressive as simple databases but where they get really clever is when you use them to run whole processes. For example one client runs their entire sales, production and billing process through Siteglide reducing time involved at each stage, giving the customer access and visibility throughout and allowing them to handle a considerably higher volume of sales.

Reuse data across your website

Last but not least WebApps are great for managing dynamic content and reusing information in various places across the site. For example you run a blog but you want to show the latest 2 posts on your homepage to keep it fresh and promote the blog? WebApps allow you to choose what types of content to display where and how to display it. You may choose to show a random item from your portfolio or testimonials perhaps.

WebApp features:-


Create and manage categories to control what content shows where. An incredibly powerful feature that is quick to use.


Each item can be placed anywhere and even added to email campaigns and blog posts. They are truly dynamic.


Link one WebApp to another meaning you can create relational databases with a few clicks.


Create items but schedule when they are to be released on the website and even when they are to be removed.


WebApps make editing content and managing databases extremely easy. We have used them to build our entire website!


Add items to an RSS feed to submit them to external websites such as social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter).

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Track visitors, enquiries, subscriptions, sales, logins, traffic sources and much more all from your business dashboard when you login to Siteglide.

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