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The Static Site Importer helps digital agencies easily migrate static websites from various platforms into Siteglide. You may have websites on unreliable hosting that affect performance, reliability, security, flexibility or scalability.

There are 3 ways to use our import tool:

CLI Import

Enter your URL, grab a coffee and that's it! (CLI Docs)

Dev Partners

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Siteglide Team

Free on any annual plan site or 1 free trial site import


Site Import Demo:

What our Importer Does:

Static Pages

Copy Static Pages

We copy the various pages into Siteglide as they appear in the browser.


Hook Up To CMS

We then make them editable in the Siteglide CMS for you and clients to edit.


Copy & Optimise Assets

We copy all the various required assets and even optimise them in the process!

Form to Email

Setup Form To Email

We also set any Forms to send an enquiry workflow automatically so your client’s business is not interrupted.

Convert Dynamic Content

Convert Dynamic Content

If you had any dynamic content such as Blog or event listings we’ll convert those into pages too and make them available in the CMS.

Go Live

Ready For Go Live!

Once imported simply upgrade the site to a paid plan, add your domain (we add the SSL), point it to Siteglide and that’s it!

SEO Improvement

Immediate SEO Benefits With Optimised Images/CSS/JS And SSL

Don't just import your site, have it optimised at the same time! We optimise images, CSS and JavaScript so that your site is as fast as possible and improves in tests such as Google Page Speed. Every Siteglide site comes with an SSL certificate configured, this can have a big impact on Google.

Improve SEO

Performance can have a big impact on SEO. See immediate gains and know your sites are on lightning fast enterprise grade hosting.

Impress Clients

Show your clients the immediate results and upsell them on the various other benefits of Siteglide you could go on to include.

Site Import Request

This form is for Siteglide Partners only. If you build/manage websites for clients please register for a free Siteglide Agency account first: Become a Partner

You can request a Static Site Import to any paid Siteglide site.

Import requests can take up to two working days to be completed. Our team will be in touch to let you as soon as it has been actioned.

Note: You can import sites immediately using our CLI and avoid the request queue.

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  1. The tool can only import public facing content - any securely protected content/code/assets such as behind login areas cannot be imported.
  2. The tool relies on the internet and your computer meaning large sites may not import correctly, we will continually review our recommended guidelines.
  3. The tool will not set up any Siteglide functionality other than Pages in the CMS (you have total control over what functionality you choose to use).
  4. Based on the above you would need to import the missing elements manually.
  5. The tool is designed to assist with the migration process of websites not fully replace it.
  6. The level of performance improvement is determined by many factors. If the assets on the existing site are fully optimised you may see no improvements. The SEO score in Google Page Speed will likely drop as by default the imported site will be set to block Search Engine spidering until your domain is added.
  7. By using the tool you certify that you own the site you import or have permission to import it. We take no responsibility for any issues that may arise such as copywriting infringements.
  8. The tool will scan for pages up to 5 levels deep.
  9. Trying to import large sites could take a long time and potentially fail depending on the size of the site. We strongly recommend using the Site Importer for smaller, static sites.

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