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Siteglide is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that helps Agencies build and manage User-First Digital Experiences such as Online Courses, Marketplaces, Membership Sites and Customer Portals.

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Case Study:

United Neighbourhood Houses

United Neighborhood Houses (UNH) is a policy and social change organization representing 42 neighborhood settlement houses that serve 765,000 New Yorkers from all walks of life.

Experienced agency Enginate helped the client scope out the site and worked with Siteglide Development Partner, Wysi, for the more complex elements.

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Siteglide Case Study: UNH
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Import your sites automagically with our Static Site Importer and have them optimised at the same time! We optimise images, CSS and JavaScript so that your site is as fast as possible and improves in tests such as Google Page Speed. Every Siteglide site comes with an SSL certificate configured, this can have a big impact on Google.

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Performance can have a big impact on SEO. See immediate gains and know your sites are on lightning fast enterprise grade hosting.

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