Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Essential is the lowest plan we offer and Enterprise is the highest (before custom plans). We also have Mini, Launch, Growth and Scale which sit in between. Just sign up for a free account to see all Plans within the Portal.

Units are one simple metric that covers the main usage-based metrics in Siteglide including: 

Records (database items), Emails (transactional), Storage (mb) and API Calls (for connecting to other systems). 

We include Units in our different plans so you pay one simple price every month/year unless you go over the limits. If you use more than in the plan it's a really simple Extras model based on the same unit rate of the plan so there's no nasty surprises. You could always upgrade to get a better unit rate though.

Have any questions?

If you have any question about the pricing, feel free to get in touch with us, we will be happy to assist you.

Why Usage-Based Pricing Wins

We’ve made our pricing completely usage based not feature based. This enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from the entire feature set of Siteglide and just pay based on what they need.

Full Feature Access

Access every part of Siteglide even on our lowest plans.


Enterprise-grade infrastructure with every Siteglide plan.


Siteglide helps SMEs scale their digital experiences as they grow.

Pay for what you need

Scale up as your business and requirements grow.


Tailor the platform to suit your needs and budget.

Control your ROI

Choose which features to use and track performance to justify spend.

Build on Siteglide for free

100% free, unlimited access — upgrade only when you're ready to launch. No credit card required.