A Full Breakdown of Features

6+ Tools in one. Fully Customisable.

The CRM at the core makes the CMS, eCommerce, WebApps, Transactional Email and Reporting tools even more powerful than individually.

Rapidly transform your agency by offering User-First Digital Experiences using our Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Content Management


Build SEO optimised pages quickly and easily. Easily add dynamic content and Siteglide Modules using Toolbox.

File Manager

Manage images, documents and other files with ease. Drag and drop from your computer, manage folders and much more.


Create completely custom forms in just a few clicks. Complete with autoresponders, workflows and case history


Build SEO and UX friendly structured content with ease. Manage data driven content for websites and applications.


Quickly find the relevant areas to manage your site. Full reporting suite coming soon!

Company Info

A simple but essential feature to keep important information up to date such as phone numbers, addresses and social links.

URL Redirects

Quickly redirect pages and manage 301s for complete SEO control.

Fully Responsive

Siteglide is built to work on any device and our section layouts are responsive straight out of the box.

SEO Ready

We have built all the necessary Search Engine Optimisation tools right into the core of Siteglide.

Visual Editor

Our Visual Editor redefines how businesses and marketing agencies manage content: with ease.


A really easy way to manage the navigation for your site. Pick which pages to show and how they appear.

Database (WebApps)

WebApp Builder

Build bespoke databases without any technical expertise. Simply point and click to create fields and insert data.


Easy CSV Import and Export of WebApp Items. Quickly create and update content from spreadsheets.

Front End Submission

Users can create items via a form and it submit to the site or their Secure Area.


Blog & News

Create and manage blog articles on your website with ready-made categories for filtering, searching and archiving.

Secure Zones

Secure pages and content on your site behind locked zones and have users sign up to gain access. Users can also create their own unique username and password.


Quickly add client testimonials to your sites and then make them accessible anywhere on the site.


Create an FAQ section for websites with ease, then customise as required.


Use authors in conjunction with the Blog or Events modules to display who has written a piece of content or who is hosting an Event.


Attract attendees for both online and physical events. Display information with a range of views including List, Calendar and Map while managing tickets and orders.

Media Downloads

Upload secure content to your site and control access on a per-user basis to maintain its value.



A CRM at the heart of your website that powers Forms, eCommerce and secure user content.


Track visitor/user engagement with case history for any completed forms.

User Import/Export

Take total control over your data with CSV Import and Export control.


Segment your CRM based on user actions, 3rd party integrations via Zapier/API or manual updates and imports.



Easily manage eCommerce Products that form the core part of your online store.


Use the Global Categories feature to create Catalogs and dynamic linking for your store.


Manage Orders via the CRM, export data or connect to 3rd party systems to automate workflows.

Payment Gateways

Stripe, Authorise.net, PayPal and other leading Gateways to come (all PCI compliant).


Create product specific options such as size and colour. Amend the price, SKU and availability.


Manage stock levels, hide products or remove ability to purchase. Hook up to 3rd parties via API/Zapier.

SEO Settings

Fully optimise your eCommerce Store for maximum sales using the pre-built fields or adjust the layouts as required.


Set up your store in any currency and manage pricing including RRP and sale price.

Discount Codes

Create personalised discount codes for customers to use on checkout.

Tax Codes

Apply tax codes to products that can be used at checkout.


Offer customers custom subscription based payment models to access content and products.

Transactional Email


Send emails to staff and suppliers based on specific actions such as Orders, Form Submissions or other activity.


Automatically send emails to users based on various actions including form submissions.

Email Segments

Use CRM Segments to manage lists in your chosen Email Marketing providers via Zapier and the API

Partner Portal

Client Accounts

Create and manage client accounts then link sites and users to them.

Trial Sites

Create trial websites for starting development projects or just testing features and ideas.

User Management

Invite clients to manage sites as well as agency staff to manage clients/sites/users/billing.

DNS Management

Manage domains and DNS records for sites.

Developer Tools

Code Editor

Customise our best practice responsive layouts or build your own, you're in charge.

Siteglide CLI

Take total control via our Command Line Interface (CLI). Work in your chosen IDE.

Github Versioning

We automatically integrate with Github to store all code with versioning (commits) for backups and traceability.

Public API

Use our Public API to create bespoke integrations to external 3rd party systems.

Zapier Integration

Using our Public API we have build a Zapier integration to quickly integrate with 1000s of apps!


256 bit SSL Certificate

Every Siteglide website comes with a SHA-256 Amazon SSL certificate to ensure your site and your visitors are protected.

AWS Hosting

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the industry standard in hosting and helps ensure security, speed and reliability.

Google Analytics

Integrate any Siteglide site with Google Analytics to capture vital statistics and help you improve your marketing.

Global Datacenters

Using the latest AWS technology you can choose from US, EU or AU datacenters.

Cloudfront CDN

We use the AWS Cloudfront Content Delivery Network for maximum speed and performance.

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