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Luke Wakefield
26 August 2022
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Too much time is lost designing and building websites and applications. There are so many factors to consider yet so much of it can be standardised into best practices and a proven system.

This week we are excited to introduce the first community-led module to the marketplace, which looks to solve this…

New: SiteBuilder by SiteGurus!

Now you can design and build out sites in record time without getting stuck in code but most importantly still having total control over the end result.

You can build templates, pages and dynamic module layouts faster than ever simply by pointing and clicking from a simple to use interface. No code, no fuss and no learning curve.

There’s no cutting corners though: both the entire library and the design system are based on industry best practices, are fully responsive and are capable of achieving top SEO scores right out of the box.

In Partnership

With SiteBuilder, SiteGurus make the most of their new partnership with Flowbite, who provide an ever growing open-source library of UI components, sections and pages. With an army of developers, Flowbite continues to expand their library every day.

The SiteBuilder module takes these layouts and integrates them into Siteglide for you, so that you don’t have to get involved with learning code libraries or languages to start using super layouts connected to a powerful and dynamic database system.

Take control of the complete process from design to development by using the pre-built Flowbite Figma library to design before you build. Pick corresponding layouts in Siteglide to quickly build out page layouts based on your design.

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Head over to the Siteglide Marketplace where you can create a site from the SiteBuilder Demo Template that helps you get setup in minutes!

From there you can edit the demo site or add your own pages, layouts, modules and data. SiteBuilder helps you stick to best practice with optimised layouts but also helps rapidly build out sites using Siteglide functionality.

Dynamic Layouts

The power of this module comes down to the integrated approach. Not only do you get access to a range of top quality themes, but layouts are fully integrated to Siteglide modules and so are designed to work right out of the box with dynamic data.

Thinking of adding a new module to your site, but not sure how to go about setting it all up? SiteBuilder has you covered! Just install the module and head over to SiteBuilder to add an existing dynamic layout in seconds.

The SiteGurus team have done the hard work, you need only point and click to get a new layout that works with your data.

Lightning Fast SEO

Best practice and optimisation is built into the core of Flowbite, Siteglide and SiteBuilder and is something you can confidently shout about to clients.

Reach lightning-fast SEO scores on every page. Don’t take our word for it, run a test with Google Lighthouse.

Form Builder

Forms have also been reimagined to deliver completely bespoke design while being super simple to manage without ever needing to update code.

SiteBuilder custom form layouts are completely dynamic and update on site pages automatically when existing fields are edited or new fields are added in CMS Forms - all without ever needing to look at the code and manually update the layout.

Custom Development

Point and click layouts not completely your thing? As a developer you can still benefit by using the SiteBuilder module to speed up your initial creation of site structure and customise on top.

Head into Code Editor and you’ll see that you get full access to the generated HTML layouts to edit if you wish. You can also write custom CSS on top.

Rather than starting from scratch every time you build a site for a client, or purchasing an external theme with lots of bloat… start with a streamlined framework only installing the layouts and styling you choose.

Ambitious Roadmap

SiteBuilder is not aiming to be the typical drag and drop tool for building websites. Yes, they’ve started by making this as easy as possible within Siteglide but the real vision is to help maximise the true power of Siteglide and build Marketplaces, Portals, Communities and much more all in record time without having to code it all.

First up we have PageBuilder. This will hopefully be released next week but definitely within September. PageBuilder will help you build, as the name suggests(!), complete pages using SiteBuilder blocks. It also includes settings to help you customise them, again without code.

After that the focus will be on application layouts, eCommerce and much more!

Is there a cost?

SiteBuilder is free to use but there will soon be a paid Flowbite Pro library which will offer more layouts and functionality maximising the amazing work the Flowbite and SiteGurus teams have done.

Checkout the free SiteBuilder module in the Marketplace now and see how much time you can save while ensuring best practice and optimisation out of the box. 

Alternatively find out more on the dedicated SiteBuilder landing page.

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