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Siteglide is far more than a Business Catalyst replacement, sign up for free to give it a try. Get started in a few clicks and earn from Siteglide by setting your own pricing and using our automated billing system.

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Why choose Siteglide over other web platforms?

If you use multiple web platforms or hit frustrations with limitations and managing updates then sign up for a free Agency account with Siteglide and experience the difference. We take the hassle out of managing websites for clients and give you all the tools you need from one easy to use interface.

Then if you want to build bespoke features on top or customise the existing functionality you can get under the hood and access our CLI and API. We also have Development Partners who can assist you.


A CRM at the core plus CMS, eCommerce, Email Marketing and Custom Databases.


Total control over front end code. Customise features within the UI and directly via CLI/API.


A managed solution built on Amazon (AWS) with 99.99% Uptime SLA.


Bill clients directly from the portal including your fees/charges. All fully automated.


From small brochure sites to large eCommerce sites and enterprise Community Marketplaces.


Fully documented, regular training webinars and development partners available to assist.

Siteglide Design System

Many agencies are used to using Templates/Themes to speed up the development flow but often this causes problems/issues, devalues the service and leads to bad practice. We believe in Frameworks and following Best Practice standards. Read our full Blog Post: Siteglide Design System.

Figma Design Process

Use our Design System file in Figma (a free to use online design tool) to speed up the design process with clients and ensure quality.

Layout Library

Take our corresponding Bootstrap 4 layouts and build out the core site in record time. Then customise HTML and CSS as required.

Agency Portal

Siteglide is far more than a web development platform. It's a web agency's toolbox to be more efficient and deliver exceptional client solutions. The portal gives you total control to manage sites, clients, billing and more.

Sites & Modules

Create client sites and 1 click install modules you need for each project. We handle updates, maintenance, security and more.

Tools & Billing

Domains, Email, DNS control, SSL management and much more including a complete billing system for automating client billing.


Picking the right infrastructure is key to any client project but picking the wrong one for multiple clients is disasterous for agencies. Siteglide provides the tools and flexibility you need with the reassurance of an enterprise grade infrastructure.

We've partnered with platformOS (run by Business Catalyst co-founder Adam Broadway) to build what Business Catalyst could have been...the platform that puts the UserFirst by having the CRM at the core.

Amazon AWS

Benefit from the hugely popular and reliable AWS infrastucture which includes SSL certificates and a Content Delivery Network.


Access to an incredibly powerful and flexible DevOps layer on top of AWS with GraphQL which makes Siteglide unique.

Flexible Usage-based Pricing

With Siteglide you can use the full range of features with any site and just pay based on how much you use. Usage metrics include: Storage, Bandwidth, Database Items, Emails, Domains and Users.

Full Feature Access

Access all features of Siteglide on every plan giving you and your clients total flexibility as your requirements grow.

Agency Only Pricing

Become a Siteglide Agency Partner to access site plans. Use our automated billing system, set your pricing and charge clients directly.

A few of our Agency Partners

Benefits for WSI Internet Consultants

By becoming a Siteglide Agency Partner you get access to a wide range of benefits including:

Discounted Pricing

Discounts on our already discounted agency pricing helping you earn recurring revenue.

Free Agency Site

A free site for your agency once you have 10 1 live client site.

Global Community

Partners (many BC partners) from across the globe working together.

Dedicated Support

All the benefits of a SaaS solution including SLA, Live Chat and regularly updated Documentation.

Webinars & Training

Dedicated WSI only training and webinars to get the most from Siteglide.

Free Design Toolkit

Use our latest standards Design System and Bootstrap Layouts to streamline your projects.

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