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Fitzroy IT

  • Victoria, Australia
  • Skills: HTML, CSS, JS, Liquid
  • Services: Strategy, Development, Design

A jargon-free, collaborative approach that saves you time and money.

We’re Fitzroy IT: a digital solutions team that helps you manage and grow your business.

We like a jargon-free collaborative approach, without the red tape

We don’t have rigid systems or requirements that get in the way of what you want to achieve. We’re big collaborators, from start to finish. And while we love to get technical in our work, we love educating our clients even more. So, if you’re not sure about something, or you want to learn more about a specific tool or process, we’re always happy to work through it with you. (In fact, we prefer it that way!)

We want to simplify your life and make you money

There aren’t fifty ways to go about it: when you own a business, you have to make money. Period. And if there is a solution or a system that will help you save or increase your profit, then that’s the one you want. And that’s the one we want to provide for you.

We don’t say yes to everything

A lot of agencies are focused on their own growth, which results in a lot of yeses. We’ve been in the game long enough to know that doesn’t end well for anyone. So, if your project timeline is too tight or we think there are aspects of your project we can’t hold to the highest standards, then we won’t take it on. Plain and simple. We’d rather be upfront with you than waste your time and money.

Fitzroy IT partners with clients to bring their vision to life. We offer a range of digital services, that can be separated into four broad areas:

Development, Digital, Creative and IT Services.

Our strength is our ability to transform companies from where they are now, to where their business needs to be.

Fitzroy IT Services include:


Branding, print & packaging, and motion graphics


Websites & applications, automation development, and strategic consulting


UX & design, strategic consulting & planning, and marketing

IT Services

Hardware installations, cloud infrastructure setup, hosting & domain

Latest Fitzroy IT Projects


Sidney Myer Fund & The Myer Foundation

Purves Environmental Fund

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