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We create websites on Siteglide designed to help you connect with, and win customers. We start by optimizing for emotions.

Like many agencies, we optimize and refine websites. But unlike most, we start by optimizing for emotions.

Emotions play a huge role in our decision making. Whether the decision involves signing up for your enewsletter, or purchasing something.

So when your ideal visitor comes to your site - we'd like them to stick around.

We'd like them to buy into your products, your services, your ideas, even and especially if you're in a really competitive market. Whether you’re in a marketplace where innovation is happening at break-neck-speed and you need to compete on innovation as well as messaging. Or in a commoditized, super-competitive landscape, where sometimes the only difference between getting and retaining a customer, is based on your branding message and being emotionally in sync with your customer.

We use the latest cognitive and behavioural research, backed by years in the design and marketing trenches to help uncover the emotional drivers behind your customer's behaviour.

Then we design and develop what we affectionately call 'emotionally-smart' websites. Personalized, powerfully fast websites that are in sync with your customer.

These sites have helped clients increase university donations, hotel bookings, on-line sales and lead generation.

Your marketplace is rapidly evolving. Your customers are rapidly evolving. We’d like to make sure your website does too. We'd love to hear what you've been up to. Shoot us an email (, and let us know where you want to go.

Siteglide offers developers/agencies a smart path to future-proof their work, skill set/tech stack. The Siteglide interface is easy to use, there's lots of documentation, there's a forum to ask assistance from others, and you can chat with a real live person. You'll be learning best practices, and working on the latest platform(s). The pricing isn't bad either :) Siteglide has been a solid replacement for Adobe's Business Catalyst. It will also exceed Adobe, and other leading platform's functionality in many areas, including security, cost, and flexibility.

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IMACOM Services include:


Branding workshops and brand personality to best help inform look, tone and feel of web, ads, presentations...

Customer Insight

Discovery and persona development to help guide customer interactions on-line and off-line such as web content, ads, in-person sales meetings..

Custom Websites on the Siteglide Platform

Design & build-out, including personalization.

Latest IMACOM Projects

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