Town Hall #37 — Siteglide presents 'Business Catalyst without the limitations'

The new ‘game changer’ platformOS Modules are being leveraged by Siteglide, and in this video you will see how they’ve launched a SaaS solution on top of platformOS that is powerful and scalable (and extendable for almost ANY business application requirement via the pOS foundation).

Luke from Siteglide will demonstrate how they have used Modules to build an infrastructure that can be maintained and updated with ease as well as allowing for any number of features to be added along the way. The capabilities really are endless!

Topics that will be covered include:-

System Modules - Ability to update core site and CMS components either automatically or manually.

Installing Features - Feature Modules such as Blog and even a Site Template can be installed per site keeping code lean and clean.

Marketplace - Having learned through the development of the UiPath Marketplace - - Siteglide has leveraged their expertise to build their own Marketplace to allow agencies to buy and sell Siteglide centric Modules and add value to their offering.

Siteglide launch announcement - Having completed an intensive Beta period the Siteglide team are excited to announce their official release!

BC Partner Offer - Completely free signup to become a partner and reduced plan pricing for BC Partners.

Roadmap - A sneak preview of what’s coming including new Modules and Core Features such as eCommerce, Events and Business Catalyst site Migrations.