Town Hall #75 - Siteglide and Hybrid SaaS by Wysi (and why copying BC is wrong)

As web developers I am sure you have experienced frustration where your clients’ online ambitions cannot be met by the limited features of the various SaaS solutions you use.

There is a better way! You might have heard us coin the term “Hybrid SaaS” as it relates the platformOS ecosystem - where stand alone SaaS services can be built on top of the ‘no-limits’ platformOS framework.

In this Town Hall, Russell Gillman of will be showing how Siteglide partners are able to utilize the SaaS CMS offered by Siteglide to build best practice business websites, BUT at any time access the unlimited power of platformOS (being the PaaS that underpins Siteglide) so you get the best of both worlds for your clients.

In this session you will hear about:

- What Hybrid SaaS looks like in action with Siteglide & PlatformOS

- How using a Hybrid SaaS solution benefits Wysi; from winning leads to development

- A showcase of some of our latest projects, how they were set up and how these clients are now “future proofed”:-

- Complex database shopping centre site & interactive kiosk map

- Brochure site with bespoke filtering

- Marketing brochure site with bespoke search