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Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
22 January 2021
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We can all agree that 2020 was a year that nobody could have predicted!

Any plans that had been put in place were thrown into the air in the first few months - and many were left with a new focus of simply making it through.  

What this meant is that a lot of businesses that were not online had to fast-track their digital strategy to ensure that they joined the online world and that they not only continued to deliver value and service to their customers, but that they also continued to generate revenue for their business.

In 2021, businesses will need to continue to focus on their Digital Transformation as a top priority. With more and more being done remotely, websites are being replaced by Digital Experiences!

Siteglide’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the perfect solution for any business that wants to build and manage Digital Experiences - and we are excited about all we have planned for 2021.

In this blog post, we take a look at a few of the feature releases coming soon.

Siteglide Marketplace

With Marketplace being a big plan for the future, we will soon start implementing phase 1 - but what does that mean?

We will launch an area for agencies where you can build and share site themes and modules, where you can copy sites, or install partner built modules onto your sites.

You will be able to use turnkey solutions to easily create bulk sites for clients such as schools or dental offices that may have multiple offices, shops and online stores.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel because site Copy will allow you to duplicate existing sites that will help speed up migration and potential coding times.

Siteglide User Roles

To avoid accidental errors by clients, such as unintentionally deleting content, we will be introducing User Roles!

With User Roles, you will have various levels of access - such as Client Standard, and Client Restricted. The choice is yours!

Siteglide Studio Updates

We received amazing feedback on our Studio launch, and we’re excited to continue developing this platform.

We will be introducing Visual Page Builder in admin, which will save you even more time.

An exciting update is the new ability to build directly in pages, with no need to export the code.

With our new improved Studio updates, designing and creating your Digital Experiences will be simplified, saving you time to spend on what’s important - your business!

We’ll be sharing more on this update soon, so watch this space! 

Siteglide CRM Companies

Every business can be improved by the use of a powerful CRM. Keeping track of your customers and leads in one place gives you the ability to communicate with them more effectively, putting them first.

This year, our CRM will include a 'Company' area where you can provide a business name, as well as any other useful information, such as eCommerce orders and form cases, user list, location, website, and phone number.

By doing so, you can conveniently group your customers and hold details in one location, using a ready-made extension of the CRM.

Siteglide eCommerce

With the Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) End-of-Life around the “corner”, we've been working hard to update eCommerce with features that we’re confident you’ll be delighted with.

You can count on us, the no. 1 alternative to Adobe BC, to ensure that our eCommerce features will meet your needs and requirements (and more), and improve your already user-friendly Digital Experience.

Siteglide Menu Builder Improvements

With the latest uphaul of File Manage, Menu Builder is next!

We’re focusing on enhancing Menu Builder to create an easier way of building Menus, with an intuitive drag and drop organisation.

Siteglide Digital Experiences

We are optimistic of what 2021 will bring and one thing we are certain of, is that at Siteglide, we will continue to evolve our Digital Experience Platform (DXP), to ensure that you are able continue building only the best Digital Experiences.

And before you go, why have a look at our new brand video here.

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