Benefits of Migrating to Siteglide

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
19 November 2020
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Are you looking to migrate to a new site, or perhaps even better, a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that puts the User First?

Whether it’s from a platform such as Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) or any other platform, Siteglide can offer you a seamless migration with many benefits.

You may want to replace bad hosting and maintenance nightmares and have the opportunity to optimise and future-proof, with a User-First DXP. So, what are the benefits of migrating to a DXP such as Siteglide? 

Siteglide Benefits


Like-for-like website migration is one method, but ask yourself if it is the most beneficial for you and your client. 

At Siteglide, we believe that you should choose the method that best suits you and your clients, so that you can get the best for them and, with this in mind, we have a variety of options that you can choose from when looking at migrating sites to a new platform.


Siteglide is built on PlatformOS who provide a powerful underlying core infrastructure. You can utilise this infrastructure either via the point-and-click Siteglide features, or by accessing it directly for maximum flexibility to get the best of both worlds.

Siteglide has not copied Adobe BC like-for-like - it is a reimagined infrastructure that focuses on speed, flexibility, reliability and performance for a future-proof innovative DXP solution.


Instead of choosing a platform that ticks all the boxes for now, but can’t pivot quickly or keep up with the latest best practices, Siteglide is able to innovate with any new technology. We pass this on to you without you having to understand the core or the code.The core platform also provides the increasing page speed improvements and SEO scores.

Siteglide Migration Tools

We understand that migrating sites may be a daunting task, however, we want your migrations to be as seamless as possible. Let's take a look at some of our migration tools:

1. CLI

This includes sync so you can have an FTP like experience whilst being secure, you can use it to bulk import assets and import and migrate sites


With Database Import Tools You can import modules including CRM, Events and Blog - as well as WebApps - with a few clicks.


We have integrated features into the UI, such as Toolbox so that you will not need to re-learn an entire codebase to get started, you can point and click and it will generate the code for you.


With Studio take the opportunity to rebuild a site, and use best practice code without starting from scratch. You’ll get to build amazing DXPx and future-proof.

Studio includes:

  • Studio Module - an installable module containing Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome 5, and Studio Styling.
  • Layout Library - Growing library of Bootstrap 4 based layouts that are fully baked into Studio and Siteglide.
  • Visual Page Builder - Drag-and-drop builder for total control over the
  • design and development process.


Migrate websites to Siteglide automatically!

With Static Site Importer you can replace bad hosting, maintenance nightmares and optimise your sites while you drink your morning coffee. Then, add value by building User-First DXPx without Limitations.

  • Win New Projects: This allows you to migrate any site into Siteglide, whether this is Adobe Business Catalyst (BC), or Wordpress or any other platform, you can migrate this in. You can quickly demonstrate an improvement in performance and SEO with very little work.
  • Import & Optimise: Simply request a Site Import or run a command in Siteglide’s CLI, sit back, grab a coffee and watch us not only import your site but optimise it too.
  • Add Value on top over time: We don’t believe in 1-click migrations, the real value is in helping clients get the most from Siteglide and you can sell this over time. Over time as budget allows, you can start integrating it with Siteglide features.

Migrating sites does not need to be a stressful task that lies ahead  - with Siteglide, we are able to offer you a seamless experience that comes with many benefits for you and your client.

Build amazing DXPs that put the User First! To find out more, our November webinar takes a detailed look at site migrations - you can watch here.

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