Introducing Studio by Siteglide

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
15 October 2020
Introducing Studio by Siteglide

Siteglide has launched a new drag-and-drop product, Studio.

Studio is a platform where Digital Agencies are able to create beautiful, digital experiences for their customers with very little development concern.

Studio’s Structural Design Framework provides agencies with the tools to easily design and build new sites. Based around a module offering custom layouts, blocks and templates, you will have access to a growing library of fully responsive Bootstrap 4 based layouts - considered the most popular framework for building responsive websites.

Instead of coding from scratch, Studio lets you focus your time on the needs of your clients’ and bring them to life - with Studio, you can build dynamic websites faster and without

Build Without Limitations 

A comprehensive list of layouts is included in The Visual Page Builder where you can drag and drop as many layouts as you want. You can also edit and format text and copy and edit button links. 

With very little coding knowledge, in Visual Page Builder, you can build as many pages as you want, which can then be used directly in Siteglide or exported and hosted elsewhere.

Studio gives you complete control over the design and development process.

Build Experiences, Not Just Websites

The Layout Library offers a collection of templates and building blocks for the rapid design and building of best-practice responsive websites. Blocks are divided into Categories including testimonials, contacts, team profiles, Call to Action, and more.

With Studio’s simplified wireframe blocks you can fully customise your design flow, as well as create more high fidelity templates that allow you to build feature rich sites and get up and running in minutes!

Future-proof for Updates

For agencies who are looking to update their Studio-created websites, you are able to modify the basic look and feel with only a few quick variable adjustments.

Everything is run from a central set of variables meaning you can quickly change the whole look and feel knowing it’s all hooked up correctly.

Free to Use!

Studio is completely free to use or combine with Siteglide! Start building your digital experience and head over to Studio now!

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