The Monthly Round Up - July

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
05 August 2020
July Monthly Roundup

Welcome to our monthly round up of the highlights of everything that has happened at Siteglide.

It’s been an exciting month with a lot of developments and releases of new features that aim to help you do more in less time.

Siteglide Starter Site

Along with these exciting feature releases, we have improved old docs, brought out new docs, laid out some exciting plans in place for future tools and hosted our monthly webinar.

So, let’s get started!

Blog Migration Import Tool

Have a Blog on Business Catalyst (BC)? Our new BC Blog migration tool will seamlessly allow you to move it over to Siteglide with no hassle.

Blog import tool

The Blog Migration Import tool is an important feature that will help make migration of sites so much easier!

What does this mean for you?

  • No hassle - Zip up your folder using BC Exporter, click import, and grab a cuppa whilst the import happens.
  • Import all blog posts - whether you’re importing a single blog or multiple blogs!
  • Speed up your migration process - let us find more ways to save you time!
  • Import on new or live Sites!

If you’re migrating your blog from Business Catalyst, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Want to know about our other Import tools? Check them out here. 

A focus on eCommerce

It’s eCommerce month here at Siteglide and our proudest new feature is the eCommerce Subscriptions.

What can you do with Subscriptions?

  • Create Subscription plans for customers to purchase
  • Control current and future prices without affecting existing subscribers
  • Have the ability for customers to cancel, with an un-cancellation period, in case they change their minds
  • Have full access to design and control how your Subscriptions are presented to customers
  • Subscriptions use Stripe, one of the fastest growing payment gateway providers on the market
  • Control the interval of subscription renewal; Stripe handles payment failures - re-attempts and notification emails

Why don’t you check out Subscriptions now? Start here.

Launch Of SiteGurus by Wysi

Last week we also saw the launch of SiteGurus, an all new service provided by Wysi, one of Siteglide’s partners, who are leveraging their experience and expertise of building enterprise level projects onto Siteglide and platformOS.

SiteGurus aims to help agencies save on time, save on costs and improve profitability and provide multiple services including:

  • MarketPlace - Site imports, site customisation, modules, custom apps, custom modules and more.
  • SupportCenter - Get development help with anything, including code troubleshooting, code bug fixing, project discovery and more.
  • GuruAcademy - Custom code snippets, tutorials, tools & resources.

Sign up to SiteGurus now and  you’ll get 10 free credits to spend in the portal!

If you want to find out more about our eCommerce features, which includes products, discount codes, payment gateways and more, or the exciting SiteGurus launch, then you may want to have a watch of our latest webinar here.

No update is too small!

  • Our Starter Site, a little something to introduce you to the world of Siteglide, is now all in blue, an improvement on the previous purple, it now follows the Siteglide branding.
  • Use our Code Editor in full screen so you can code with ease and get Sites built in no time!

Find out about the other contributors to what made this month great here and here

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