Maximising A CMS’ Potential

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Luke Wakefield
25 January 2019

An effective content management system can revolutionise the way a business runs and the benefits of a functional CMS only increase when used by agencies and consultants. As well as enabling agents to create digital content quickly, a workable CMS also allows for the modification and deletion of content.

Perhaps even more importantly, a CMS enables these functions to be carried out by non-technical staff. While website maintenance was once the sole domain of experienced developers and tech-savvy designers, a new era of content management systems has opened up the role to non-technical personnel, such as copywriters, agents and administrators.

Keeping Costs Down with A CMS

For agencies who manage multiple website, a functional CMS boosts their reach without increasing their budget. Firstly, the need to hire numerous in-house developers is diminished, as the role can be carried out by staff who may not have a non-technical background. Secondly, websites can be maintained and modified far more quickly.

This means that each individual staff member can update websites more quickly and the agency as a whole can take on more clients, without increasing their outgoings.

Furthermore, the potential of a CMS means digital agencies can offer their clients more than ever before. A high-quality agency CMS doesn’t just enable the agent to maintain and update the client’s website. In fact, there are a wide array of features and functions which can be carried out within the framework of a CMS such as Siteglide.

Expanding Your Digital Services

Encompassing a fully-supported marketing suite, as well as a traditional CMS, Siteglide enables agencies to run marketing campaigns and activities on behalf of their clients. Whether you devise campaigns on behalf of clients or simply manage your clients’ latest campaign, all activity can be managed from one central location.

With the ability to update site content at your fingertips, it’s easy to integrate your client’s latest marketing activity into the site itself, as well as via landing pages and email content. Once complete, marketing data and analysis is compiled, which can be presented to the client to highlight the results the agency has achieved.

Ensuring Your Clients Are Compliant

Although the GDPR has been a thorn in the side of many digital agencies over the last 18 months, it may have actually boosted revenue for many digital consultancies. Many SMEs who may have tried to manage their digital content in-house have turned to digital agencies due to the extensive regulation that is now in place.

With a limitless CMS and in-built CRM, such as Siteglide, agencies can create GDPR compliant content for clients without a significant increase in costs. As a result, agencies have yet another way to increase their revenue.

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