Despite best efforts, sometimes web visitors just don't connect

Helen Eichel (guest)
Helen Eichel (guest)
25 October 2021
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Fortunately, Siteglide enabled our agency to build a tool to help marketers connect and increase sales. Here's the why and how...

As a long-time Adobe BC partner, we had a lengthy ‘sure-wish-we-could-do” list. And one of the ideas on our list was to build a tool to help connect with web visitors and increase sales and conversions by better understanding why we take action. Like purchasing from an online store. To our delight, Siteglide’s flexible structure provided the functionality needed to build it. We share the why and how behind the tool in the hopes you’ll re-visit ideas on your “sure-wish-we-could-do” list. And if you’re a marketer or web agency, invite you to try the free version of the Siteglide-powered tool!


Sometimes we’re disconnected from our clients and customers. And unfortunately, disconnected web visitors likely wouldn't buy what you're selling. This is why many big brands and successful conversion agencies turn to a tool, specifically intended to help marketers understand their customers and to encourage engagement leading to an increase in sales.

The Persona: As you may know, a persona represents a user type that might use a site, brand, or product similarly. Personas are effective as a specialized messaging tool because they are highly specific profiles, based on good market segmentation. So by gathering details we normally may not be aware of or consider, the persona can help us see things through the eyes of our customers.

The Persona Tools

  1. The Free Persona Tool helps you capture information about your persona, such as preferred communication channels, challenges, goals ...
  2. If your product and message are virtually the same as your competitors, the Persona Plus is helpful because the additional intel provided not only lets you see things through the eyes of your customers but into their hearts as well.

    For example, the Persona Plus can include the emotions your persona wants to feel, within your product category and for your segment, along with tips on how to evoke those emotions. It can also include motivational insights, recommended communication strategies, which of Cialdini’s persuasive techniques likely work best for your persona. All based on the latest cognitive, marketing, and neuroscience research.

Persona Tools


First, we tried elsewhere but struggled. While designing and developing sites on the Adobe BC platform, we wanted to supplement what BC offered (as awesome as it was). We wanted to expand on what we affectionately call “emotionally-smart” websites. But we couldn’t.

Delightfully, with the Siteglide/Platform OS Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Siteglide team assistance and some custom, along with open-source scripts, we were able to expand our efforts.

And here’s how the parts and pieces of the Persona and Persona Plus came together using Siteglide functionality...

Persona tools coming together

1) Persona Portal

  • Log in - Secure Zone signs in web visitor. [powered by Siteglide functionality]
  • CRM - Can collect email and names, and opt-in consent. CRM data can be shared/integrated with external services, such as email, using Siteglide’s API, Zapier or manually downloaded/uploaded. [powered by Siteglide functionality, custom code, and external service integration of your choice]

2) Persona Creation Form

  • Logged-in visitors can create their own webapp items. Including personas! [powered by Siteglide functionality]
  • Siteglide webapp form was turned into a stepped form, to help prevent overwhelming visitors. Feedback validation ensured essential information was added correctly. Including image size restriction. [powered by Siteglide functionality, custom script and Parsley.js]
  • Cookie enforced usage limitations - allows for up to 10 attempts. [custom cookie script implementation]

3) Persona Portal includes a List of Visitor Personas

  • Persona Webapp item(s) are listed, specific to logged-in visitors. [powered by Siteglide functionality]
  • Logged-in visitors can edit or delete their own webapp items. [powered by Siteglide functionality]
  • Links within the webapp list layout, allow visitors to:
    • View persona(s) they created in the free version or created for them in the plus version. [powered by Siteglide functionality]
    • Download a pdf of the persona. [using html2pdf.bundle.min.js]
    • Delete a Persona or Persona Plus. [powered by Siteglide functionality]
    • Copy code to add Personas (either free or plus version) to any Siteglide site. [iframe security settings changed using Siteglide CLI]

4) The Persona Plus

  • In-depth data is collected from various sources, including client and customer interviews, workshops, web-based psychological assessments. [based on mounts of psychological and behavioural research]
  • Data is then compiled using several webapps. [powered by Siteglide functionality]
  • Persona Plus webapp then houses the resulting comprehensive communication strategy. [using Siteglide datasource functionality to pull in the various webapp data sources, liquid code to generate conditional statements, custom and open source code (raphael-min.js, morris.js and charts.js from to generate graphs ]

Why Not Give It A Go

You're invited to try out the free Persona version, and let us know how you fare. And if you're interested, you can also find more about The Persona Plus.

So that's what we've been up to, many thanks Siteglide :)
How about you?

Anything on Your Wish-List?

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