2021 - Siteglide's Year In Review

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
17 December 2021
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A Year Of Migrations and Growth

We've seen many agencies across the globe migrate websites and applications from Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) prior to its End of Life in September 2021.

BC was a very powerful platform which meant there were many complex sites that wouldn't fit into the majority of CMS platforms out there. We have some amazing agencies working with us who have gone out of their way to ensure their customers websites are not only kept alive but improved along the way. It's fantastic hearing so many success stories where they've been able to achieve solutions with Siteglide that they could never do with BC or any other platform. 

A busy and possibly stressful year for all, but with the close of one chapter, a new one begins.

As many will know Siteglide was started by BC agency owners so it's been quite a journey and obviously somewhat sad seeing BC finally shut down. Having said that we can now focus on making sure Siteglide is the most powerful, flexible, reliable and easy to use Digital Experience Platform (DXP) available for digital agencies.

Let’s end this year together, with a look back on all of the best releases and news from 2021, alongside the continuous support of our customers!

Standing Strong In G2 Reports

Standing strong in G2 reports

We’re so thankful to our partners for reviewing us on G2 and sharing what you love about Siteglide! We couldn’t have done this without you.

Siteglide has been voted as the leading DXP for Small Business having won 25+ G2.com awards in 2021!

More than three million people, including businesses, professionals, buyers and investors visit G2 every month to read reviews, as rated by you, the users!



In June, we launched our brand new Community area within Admin, featuring both Expert Profiles for all Agencies to showcase their skills, expertise and begin to collaborate easier with other Agencies; and an area to upload your own modules!

With this release, you can now create and share Agency modules, making turnkey solutions even easier. Simply choose Sites to install this to, and get building!

Coming soon, you can share these modules with other Agencies, and purchase modules/themes you’d like to use!

Don’t forget to update your public profile and open your doors to collaboration.


It’s been a busy year at Siteglide, with lots of exciting new features and functionalities introduced, which will all help you build User-First Digital Experiences!


  • Studio was given huge updates: improving the existing module; revamping layouts, and adding Visual Page Builder directly into Pages
  • User Roles were introduced - providing two roles options - Client or Client Restricted
  • You can now include WebApps and Modules filtering by specific Categories with much more ease and flexibility


    • A new community Figma file has been released for use with Studio
    • Importing and exporting tools have been given a performance upgrade allowing for more stable imports and exports, along with provided logs to troubleshoot and manage.
    • The first of our rollback tools, Page History, makes an appearance giving the power to restore and rollback Pages
    • Site Copy provides you with the perfect solution for creating turnkey sites, simply build, copy, edit.
    • Our brand new Developer Documentation comes to life with easier to read code examples, more information and a separate area just for developers.


    • Tax codes - Create codes in different percentages and currencies to add to Products, which will be added to the cart’s overall price.
    • Updates to Public API - You can now get, update and create items for any module in siteglide, including eCommerce products.
    • Studio module updates to use the latest version of Bootstrap (version 5), and the latest version of Font Awesome (5.15.2)
    • The CLI migrate tool has been improved to support a wider range of sites.
    • Menu Builder has been updated, featuring new drag and drop ordering and easier building functionality


    • We’ve been mentioned as Zapier’s App Of The Day! Our Zapier app has now been released and chosen to feature as the App of the Day alongside industry leaders, such as Slack, Dropbox, and Cloze.
    • Brand new layout additions to the Studio layout library provide you with more choice and control over your designs.
    • Performance updates to WebApps and Modules brings more stability and better performance with no visual or behavioural difference at all!


      • With the release of Companies to CRM, you can now group users by companies, and view a list of all existing companies added.
      • CRM Addresses can now be added specifically to companies and users using pre-built fields.
      • Invoices- All of your invoices with their site, URL, plan and status can now be found within admin.


        • With Module Marketplace phase 2 underway, you can create, submit and install custom modules on any site you own!
        • With the release ofAgency Expert Profiles, you now create and edit your very own agency profile to showcase your skills, services and specialities for others to see and reach out to you.
        • Agency layouts - You can now create and store your own layouts to use in conjunction with Studio!
        • Public demo site - No signup or login is required to view this example site - https://demo.siteglide.com/
        • Studio Variables UI - You can now change branding colours using built-in colour pickers.
        • WebApp History - you can now view all changes to an item within the last 7 days, and rollback to any version of your choice.


          • You can now restore most database items (except Users, Pages and Files) from the last 30 days, directly in Site Manager.
          • You can now import/export Categories from Admin
          • New database table builder in Modules and WebApps - you can now reorder all custom fields and custom field sets while editing new or existing fields.
          • Module item history - you can now view all changes to items within the last 7 days, and rollback to a previous version anytime you choose.
          • You can now use Toolbox to output all of your assets from File Manager (be this PDFs, DOCs, CSVs, mp4s, or your standard image)
          • You can now use a toggle to hide your Pages from search engines! No code is needed.


          • Events - You can import and export from admin
          • You can now re-order Custom Field Sets
          • Assisting with static site imports and working on much-needed features for BC parity.


            • Moving to using a new Live Chat Support platform, featuring better Bots to gather key information quickly enabling quicker responses and solutions, with brand new documentation.
            • Orders import and export tools
            • Cases import and export tools
            • Attributes import and export tools
            • Add Inventory to Attributes
            • Attributes pricing is now controlled per currency
            • Custom payment flows - You can now add more custom functions before and after payment is successfully taken, along with using custom parameters with PayPal
            • New plans pricing - Our pricing comes down to 3 simple plans allowing for higher plan limits, cheaper Extras (overages) and something for every site, no matter the size.


              • Ability to add Tax Codes to Shipping
              • Spaces in Image names will now automatically be replaced with + to show correctly


                • You can now add multiple payment gateways to checkout layouts
                • Order database has been flattened to improve performance and reduce usage
                • Data Cleaning -You can now delete hidden items and keep your usage costs down
                • Usage levels are now shown in site listswith colour indicators and modals with more information
                • Add caching to Modules and WebApps


                • You can now hide siteglide_example.css in cart layouts
                • You can nowselect Module item owners from your CRM
                • You can use front-end module submission forms for users to create their own items

                SITEGLIDE IN 2022

                • Enhanced Studio Module and Visual Page Builder editing tools including dynamic content
                • Marketplace - Buy and sell templates, modules, sites and integrations
                • Email - design and build personalised transactional emails
                • Trigger and Notifications - Event-based triggers that can send emails or fire webhooks
                • Personalisation - Use Siteglide data and Liquid to deliver a unique experience
                • Automation - Build dynamic workflows and help businesses automate processes
                • Custom API - Write your own endpoints via our GraphQL Query Library
                • Reporting Suite - Create and save custom reports and dashboards plus GA integration
                • Total Control - New field types, improved Digital Asset Manager and full import/export tools
                • User Roles - Enterprise-grade granular roles and permissions to control access
                • Contextual Docs - Query live site data including Demo Site to debug quicker
                • Agency Tools - LaunchPad, Billing UI and Resources to help deliver value

                We prioritise features and releases based on votes and feedback from our roadmap and forum, so please do get involved and get voting to have your say here.

                A big thank you to all who have supported Siteglide, and we wish you all a happy, and safe, holiday season and a happy new year!

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