SiteGurus is a UK based development house, launched in 2020. They save digital agencies time, reduce your costs and enable you to deliver more projects while increasing your productivity by providing development support to your agency. SiteGurus site is an online portal with dashboard, support centre, subscription and credit based system which helps them deliver products and services to their customers.

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Siteglide features used

Discover some of the key Siteglide features used by this site

SiteGurus Showcase WebApps


We utilised the Siteglide WebApps database for building out our testimonials, Guru Academy, Products, Support Centre and more. Using the huge flexibility and control we have with WebApps, we have built our own connections between very different and technically complex parts of the site.

We have used some of the more technical developer-focused tools on Siteglide such as the Command Line Interface (CLI) and public API to provide the best integrated experience to both our customers and development team.

SiteGurus Showcase Maximum SEO

Pages & SEO Benefits

We are extremely pleased with SEO / PageSpeed scores of 94 on mobile and 100 on desktop! We have taken care to optimise our code, images and content where possible; whilst also taking advantage of built-in SEO features, to ensure a fast and accessible experience for all.

Top SEO results in a higher organic lead generation and we also provide SEO services to our customers, sharing our knowledge and the benefits.

SiteGurus Showcase Secure Zones

Secure Zones

Our site contains a double layer of secure access: Admin level and Member level.

Admins are members of our own team who have tools and functionality right there on our website to engage with customer tickets and accounts.

Member level access is for our customers who can sign up to create unique and secure login credentials, where they can access a customised dashboard for adding and managing support tasks for projects with the SiteGurus team.


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Berkshire, United Kingdom

Over the last 10 years we've helped hundreds of businesses, big and small, to get the most from their online presence by using Siteglide to deliver a better experience to customers. We also help digital agencies with more complex bespoke development projects built onto Siteglide.

Our unique combination of a dedicated...

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Bespoke Functionality

See how agencies extend Siteglide to build custom solutions.

SiteGurus Interesting Custom API Work

Custom API Integration

We have used Siteglide’s public API endpoints to create a bespoke API that connects our Support Centre database on Siteglide with ClickUp, our internal tool of choice for managing team workloads and customer tickets.

When a customer creates a task in our Support Centre, our API automatically creates a task securely in ClickUp. Any status changes provided by the team are also automatically shared with the Support Centre database on our website so that customers can view progress in live time.

We can work directly within ClickUp with all of the information that users provide, completing tickets efficiently, whilst communicating with users in a way that suits everyone.

What the Agency said:

Our use of Siteglide API endpoints means that customers and team members are always in contact with each other, without having to switch between multiple communication tools.

We are able to offer a wide array of services to provide our clients with high-end development support in an easy and quick manner, resulting in us being able to do more in less time. The Siteglide platform saves both our customers and our staff time every day.

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