The Monthly Round Up - April

Sebastian Rey
11 May 2020
April Monthly Roundup 2020 main image

Welcome to our first monthly Roundup blog post! At the beginning of each month, we’ll be writing a blog post to round up everything that went on in the previous month, so you can easily see a high level of everything we’ve been up to. Each Roundup post will include; webinars, releases, documentation and more. Last month we saw: Our second public Partner Executive Lounge, more than 60 new documents released, new features and updates to eCommerce, performance improvements, CLI import/export, page duplication, bulk data controls, Events Module released and more.


It’s very important to us that we’re able to share our plans and progress with our partners. Our Executive Partner Lounge gives us a place to be able to do that effectively where we’re able to demo our latest features. In this month's edition one of the most important shares we covered was the Events Module release. The Events module with its clearly stated title does exactly what you’d expect, however there are some really useful features inside this module. Let's have a brief look at how the events module can be best used.

The Events Module phase one includes calendar integrations, Google Maps integrations and ticketing to control attendance that can be set to free or paid. With various filters in searches and categories it’s easy for the user to locate events and with links to e-commerce ticket purchases are easily accessible too. It comes with a pre-installed set of layouts using our layout library that you can either use, edit or make your own. Check out the link here to get a full demo of the Events Module and more.


Getting started may seem daunting, however we've put together a brand new course to help you make those first steps to building a website using Siteglide. Using both written and video content to help guide you through, it’s a simple step by step instructional course. The course is all about starting from scratch, no pre loaded Pages or pre existing code. You start from the very beginning, learning all the necessary steps as you go to complete a site build, take note of our tips and what we find most useful in practice.

Course 1 - Getting Started


Our Dev team is constantly at work building, fixing and improving our platform. Taking in your feedback and suggestions to make the platform more user friendly and focused on helping you achieve your project aims. Product performance improvements to eCommerce Products were a highlight this month seeing a huge 60% increase in performance speeds of list views in products. We even captured a recording and compared two sites, take a look at the results for yourself.


We saw the introduction of discount codes to our eCommerce Module this month. Now for the first time your Client will be able to define and manage codes in the Admin. This includes also being able to manage their offers setting the release and expiry dates, as well as the maximum number of users in advance. That’s not all, the ability to implement options in the Cart and Checkout for entering discount codes is available and if that wasn’t enough the Module will automatically work out the discounted costs for you.

eCommerce Discount Codes


Portal and Admin saw an extremely useful function included, the new bulk controls for list views are there allowing you to complete actions in bulk, delete items in bulk and carry out tasks by selecting multiple items and completing an action with them all at the same time. This functionality has been implemented across the whole of the admin and portal, effectively giving you access throughout enabling you to speed up your processes, edit multiple database items and carry out tasks much more efficiently.

Bulk options in admin


We had a look at the discount codes earlier for eCommerce and the list view of product performance improvements, it looks to have been a busy month in eCommerce as it was also revealed that the addition of a live-updating cart is now available for eCommerce. The Javascript function runs each time the cart is updated and refreshes the quantity of items. The data attribute attached will ensure that the number is kept updated by user interactions such as emptying the cart or adding products etc.

You can find out more information about implementing this here


System Files - 27th April 2020

eCommerce 0.11.0 - 27th April 2020

Siteglide CLI 1.5.1 - 23rd April 2020

Releases - 22nd April 2020

Siteglide CLI 1.5.0 - 22nd April 2020

System Files - 22nd April 2020

Design System 2.1.4 - 21st April 2020

System Files - 15th April 2020

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