The Monthly Round Up - April

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
15 May 2022
The April Roundup

Welcome to our monthly round-up for April.

This month we take a look at updates to eCommerce, Billing and more!

Tax Code Updates

We’ve introduced the ability to use decimals with tax percentages within eCommerce.

Many areas worldwide involve taxes that include decimals, so we’ve now added support for this. No more workarounds needed.

We recommend testing on a staging/demo site first to ensure your calculations are working as expected before rolling out onto your live sites.

Billing Updates

There have been changes to how you interact with billing.

With the addition of invoices for Extras, you can now view all invoices that are made, even if they do not contain a plan charge (and include only added Extras)!

The invoices area has also received a speed update to improve loading and filtering of invoices.

Alongside invoice updates, sites can also now change site plans while their status is Payment Failed.

Smaller Updates

  • Code Editor - Additional support for new Module file locations
  • Marketplace - Full release to Admin for Custom UI support
  • Site Details - Modules on a site level are now in the same format as on Marketplace, with improved filtering and searching

    Come Back Next Month

    We have some exciting updates coming in May which we can't wait to share with you all, such as Automations, Notifications & Triggers. Keep an eye on the Roadmap for more information!

    Join us next month where we'll take a look at all the key releases from May.

    Stay up to date with Siteglide this month by checking out our Youtube channel, Events, Live Articles, Feature Releases, Partner Forum and Social Media.

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