The Monthly Round Up - March

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
14 April 2021
March Round Up Main Image

Welcome to our monthly round-up for March

Starting at the gates in March was the all new eCommerce Tax Code System, new CLI Migration tool functionality, new endpoints for our Public API & Zapier app as well as big improvements and additions to Studio by Siteglide.

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Tax Codes

Create tax codes in different percentages and currencies to add to products. These are added to the prices of the products, which will be added to the cart's overall price.

You can modify the prices of products and control your tax charges by using built-in calculations.

    eCommerce Tax Codes

    This is a simpler and faster way to handle your tax charges, saving you time and resources to spend on building sites to meet the needs of your clients.

    Now, you can rest assured, knowing that the calculations are taken care of.

    New Options In Public API

    Since launching the Public API and integrating with Zapier, we've received numerous requests for new endpoints that will enable you to do more in less time.

    Our development team have been very quick to respond to the community's requests, with various new endpoints now available in both our Public API and Zapier app. You can now get, update and create items for any module in siteglide, including eCommerce products.

    New options in Public API

    Adding these options to our Public API and Zapier gives you the same level of functionality that you already have for many aspects of your site. You can now create module items and products remotely and work with your data in the way that works best for you, saving you time and money.

    Get started today by linking your Siteglide site to Zapier and connecting your data to thousands of 3rd party apps.

    Studio v1.2.0

    Introducing an all new version of Studio by Siteglide…

    Major updates to Studio this month, including the introduction of the latest version of Bootstrap (version 5) as well as Font Awesome 5.15.2, so that you can continue delivering the latest technologies to your clients.

      Studio v1.2.0 - New version of Studio

      We've also changed the way you work with images. Widths can be added to images through the Bootstrap sizing utilities, and are no longer width:100% and border-radius by default.

      Get started now by updating the Studio module on your Siteglide website to begin using the new layouts, or create a new staging site to explore the update first!

      With brand-new improvements to Studio, making this a perfect point and click for clients, we’ve also released more layout choices (a total of 16 new layouts just this month! - check these out here).

      Reach Top SEO Scores

      All of our Studio layouts are tried and tested to achieve top Google Page Speed and Lighthouse scores right out of the gate without any extra work from you. Checkout this demo video to see how you do this yourself - in just 2 minutes!

      CLI - Migration Tool Enhanced

      The CLI migrate tool has been improved to support a wider range of sites. You can now limit the depth of how much is scanned within your site, perfect for sites with lots of WebApps and other database items. Ignoring certain URLs such as blogs, services or products can aid in migration speeds, enabling you to import your WebApps to gaps within your site without the needed cleanup.

      Checkout the tool: Static Site Import

      Are you a developer? Find out how to run your own migrations: Static Site Import - How To Use

      Other - Speed, Performance, Efficiency

      Page load speeds have been improved by adding caching to category fetching. Even sites with large amounts of categories are experiencing these benefits.

      Roadmap Updates

      We’ve updated our Roadmap to make it clearer what’s currently in the works!

      Take a look at what we’re currently working on, what’s coming next, and what we’ve got planned out for the immediate future: Siteglide Roadmap section.

      You can also submit any ideas or features you need over in the Feature Requests section.

      Popularity is how our team prioritise upcoming features, so don’t forget to keep voting on your favourites!

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