The Monthly Round Up - September

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
06 October 2020

Welcome to our September roundup post, where we share with you the highlights of the last month, including new features and awards!

So, let’s take a look at what’s new.

Siteglide Wins In Latest G2 Report!

Siteglide wins in latest G2 report!

The people have spoken, and not only did Siteglide win a Category, in the latest G2 Report, but we also won a grand total of 10 badges!

Siteglide was ranked number 1 in the Category Best Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for Small Business, and we received badges including High Performer, Easiest to Do Business With and Best Support - to name just a few!

G2 is one of the leading comparison websites for the best business software and services; and releases quarterly reports highlighting the top-rated solutions in the industry - as rated by you, the users!

Read here to see what our customers have said: https://www.g2.com/products/siteglide/reviews

eCommerce Orders - Discount Code Breakdown In Pricing

Discount code breakdown in pricing

We’ve updated eCommerce orders to make it easier and clearer for customers to see how much they saved when using a discount code.

You will now see a price breakdown showing the subtotal of the checkout minus the amount saved by the discount code and the final total of the checkout.

You can update the checkout flow on your Siteglide sites, with a breakdown of discount pricing. This provides customers with a more transparent experience; understanding how much money they have saved.

Find out how to add new discount codes to your sites: eCommerce - Discount Codes

WebApps - Location Search

WebApp - Location Search

WebApps are database-powered, dynamic content elements that can be created and customised to store anything.

Our brand new location feature uses the GeoJSON fields to integrate Google Maps with WebApps.

You can use the WebApp location search to create a wide range of experiences for visitors, such as:

  • Create an online directory of shops where visitors can find the closest outlet to them in a matter of seconds.
  • Host an online portal of outdoor sports clubs and increase their exposure to new members by enabling visitors to find available clubs near them.
  • Publish an online national network of hospital clinics that enables visitors to easily search and find clinics nearby that provide the services they need

Already have a Siteglide site? Find out how to get started: WebApps - Searching by location

Whitelabelling - Reset Emails

Whitelabelling - Password reset email

We’ve added a new feature to Whitelabelling, the user reset password emails!

Whitelabelling enables you to provide your customers with a consistent brand experience across the range of services you offer them.

With our new feature, you can use your own agency logo and name (rather than Siteglide’s) in system password reset emails and maintain a clear point-of-contact if your customers need help.

If you prefer, you can also connect to our API and allow your customers to reset their Siteglide account passwords from your own website. 

Secure A Virtual Seat

We’re looking forward to another exciting month - with a very exciting launch of our new product, Studio which will allow you to build more sites in less time, with little development concerns. We’ll be sharing a lot more on this, and we cannot wait!

We’ll be launching Studio at our next webinar, where we will run through the features and of course, the many benefits for your agency.

Register to secure your virtual spot: Register now.

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