Victoria Police Legacy


Victoria Police Legacy is a not-for-profit public benevolent institution that provides a range of ongoing support services to Victoria Police families who have lost a loved one. Should a serving or retired Police Officer or Protective Services Officer, or their spouse/partner die, Victoria Police Legacy is there to provide ongoing support to the spouse/partner and children for the rest of their lives.

The website of Victoria Policy Legacy helps to represent them as an organisation and provide more information about the services they offer both to the general public and their members. It also assists Victoria Police Legacy in directly collecting donations as well as informing their members of upcoming events, activities as well as informing them of the latest news and delivering a digital format of their monthly magazine, CARE.

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Siteglide features used

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VPL Case Study Donation Form

eCommerce Module

Utilising the Siteglide eCommerce module, we have been able to deliver an intuitive donation form for our visitors. Donations are incredibly important to the Victoria Police Legacy so we have focused on building a payment form that is simple, quick and easy for visitors to lend their hand. 

With three clear steps in completing this form, and a choice of four basic donation amounts or a choice for a custom donation amount; visitors can fill out this form in less than a few minutes. 

Within this module, we have also created several products yet to be released that will allow people to pick up branded merchandise and share their support with the Victoria Police Legacy.

VPL Case Study WebApps


We have taken advantage of fully customizable and powerful WebApps to provide an alternative way for the website owner to edit their site.

This makes for an easier way to create new items and enhance their site without needing to edit or look at any code; removing any potential barriers that could arise when updating their website.

VPL Case Study Events


By including the use of the Events module, we are able to easily display and share information about the Victoria Police Legacy events and activities.

Used in combination with WebApps, we are able to provide a solution for visitors to view more information about each event, while also being able to secure their place and join the VPL in the variety of services they provide.

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Fitzroy IT

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Bespoke Functionality

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VPL Subscription Form


Subscriptions have been implemented to offer a regular donations feature, where users can sign up for a recurring monthly or yearly donation.

Zapier logo


Zapier has been used to integrate form submissions / payments with PDF Monkey, so a custom donation thank you receipt / PDF will be generated and sent when the user makes a one off or regular donation.

What the Agency said:

“Fitzroy IT’s project management team worked closely with VPL at every step to build their new website. Our UI/UX and design team helped them to understand and break down the key values and messaging required for the new site and then delivered this in wireframes and design files. Our developers then proceeded to build the site on a modern CMS system that was easy to use and maintain. Comprehensive user training was then provided once the build was complete.”

“The new website has a bright, modern look and feel and is easy to understand and navigate. The site is straightforward for staff to update and most importantly, is a much better reflection of VPL’s values and a better representation of who they are as an organization.”

What The Client Said...

“Justin and the team at Fitzroy IT really delivered on our brief for a new website and that included the following must haves - bright, authentic, informative, user friendly, interactive and integrated to our CRM system. We wanted every website visitor to understand who we are, who we support, what services we provide and have the ability to engage with us.”

“The work we do in supporting Victoria Police families involves many facets ranging from home visits, social events, education grants, financial assistance and field officer advocacy, and Fitzroy IT was able to showcase all our services in a professional and positive way. The inclusion of police legatee stories was a real bonus as it demonstrates our positive impact and the benefits we bring to our police legatees.”

“We went live with our new website in September 2021 and the feedback from stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks very much Fitzroy IT, we greatly appreciate the work you’ve done for us, not just on the new website but for all the IT support you’ve provided to us over the last five years.”

Lex de Man AFSM, Chief Executive Officer Victoria Police Legacy

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