• London, United Kingdom
  • Skills: HTML, CSS, JS, Liquid, GraphQL, API, Custom Development
  • Services: Design, Development, Strategy

SiteGurus was launched in 2020 by experienced UK Digital Agency, Wysi who have built complex solutions such as Marketplaces and Communities for the likes of UiPath (now valued at $35bn). SiteGurus is run by Siteglide co-founder Robert Wakefield, he has an advisory role with Siteglide to help improve the platform for agencies.

Here at SiteGurus we offer a unique twist on the outsourced development model where agencies can tap into our experienced team and just pay for the time they require either on a Membership model or an ad-hoc basis. Our credits system makes it really simple to manage workload and extend your team in an extremely affordable and efficient way.

SiteGurus are a Siteglide Gold Expert given their expertise and experience on Siteglide, platformOS and Adobe Business Catalyst before that.

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You can even signup for free access to the platform and receive 10 free credits to test us out! Why not submit a task selecting our Discovery service and we'll come back to you with an estimate of what's involved!

SiteGurus are fantastic to work with. Their support offering is simple but reliable. They have followed through on every promise and timeline, and have been proactive with their communication. SiteGurus have been attentive to our projects and help us get the most from the powerful Siteglide platform.

Devon Reehl - Co-Founder at Enginate

SiteGurus Services include:

Ad Hoc Support

Simply buy credits and create tasks knowing you can set a budget for each task. Simple but reliable and affordable.

Dedicated Developer

Book out a SiteGurus Expert for any number of hours and have them work directly with you by slotting into your existing team and workflow.

Fixed Price Projects

Know your margins when quoting to clients. We simply review your brief and give a fixed price for the defined work.

Module Development

We can help you build Modules for the Siteglide Marketplace. Think API Integrations or tools to make building and managing sites easier.

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