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Luke Wakefield
19 December 2018

Devising, executing and monitoring marketing campaigns can be onerous enough when you’re working with just one client but carrying out marketing activities for several clients can be overwhelming if you don’t have the proper resources.

Furthermore, the cost of hiring additional staff to manage client campaigns can use up precious resources and increase your outgoings unnecessarily. Instead of hiring extra people to carry out marketing tasks on behalf of clients, why not use a marketing suite which is geared towards agencies?

Siteglide is specifically designed for use by agencies and it enables digital and marketing agencies to carry out campaigns on behalf of numerous clients at once. With clear demarcation between clients and individual campaigns, agencies can act on behalf of any number of clients without any significant increase in their outgoings.

How Does Siteglide Work?

As a marketing suite, Siteglide has everything you could want when it comes to creating and implementing successful campaigns. With an inbuilt customer relationship management (CRM) system, details of your client’s contacts and targets can be kept secure at all times. In addition to this, Siteglide gives you the opportunity to segment customer lists, so different marketing campaigns can be delivered to different customers, based on prior behaviours.

What’s more – an easy-to-use Drag & Drop Editor means email campaigns can be launched in a matter of seconds. With no technical knowledge required, you won’t need to wait for development staff to code newsletters, email promotions and autoresponders.

As any digital agency knows, automation is a key component of success. By enabling you to automate marketing activities, your client’s campaigns will run themselves. Once again, this minimises staff input and frees up their time to focus on more onerous tasks.

Keeping Your Agency GDPR-Compliant

Although all businesses trading in the EU have been affected by the new General Data Protection Regulations, no-one has been hit harder than digital agencies. As well as adopting new GDPR-compliant strategies for their own business, digital agencies have been forced to implement new GDPR-compliant marketing campaigns for their clients.

As an agency marketing suite, Siteglide makes it easy to ensure all activity adheres to the Regulations, so you won’t be putting your clients at risk of breaching the new law. GDPR-compliant data captions form will automatically add user information to the system, as well as registering the subscriber’s consent. Once received, marketing content can be sent to them in accordance with their subscription preferences.

Managing a digital agency can be tough work but Siteglide makes it so much easier. As well as incorporating an agency-led marketing suite, the Siteglide platform also offers a top-quality content management system. If your role as an agency involves updating, creating or modifying your client’s websites, as well as their marketing activity, this CMS will ensure your staff can make changes quickly and efficiently, without the need for any technical or coding knowledge.

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