The Monthly Round Up - June

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
12 July 2022
The June Roundup

Welcome to our monthly round-up for June. This month we take a look at the upcoming automations updates and latest awards!

Siteglide Wins 13 Badges In Latest G2 Report

We want to give our fantastic agencies a huge thank you for their continued support and incredible reviews that they’ve left on G2 for Siteglide, we would not be where we are today without you. Thank you!

G2 has seen and tallied your reviews, presenting Siteglide with a total of 13 badges, and continuing to hold the title of “High Performer” in the categories - Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), Web Content Management, and WebOps Platforms!

Alongside being named “High Performer”, we’ve won badges for Best Support, Easiest To Do Business With, and more!

Have you shared your thoughts on Siteglide? - https://www.g2.com/products/siteglide/reviews#reviews


Automations has recently been released to Alpha enabling those who have access to be able to test this before a full release to Siteglide soon enabling you to trigger emails to send based on actions taken within a WebApp or Modules.

A very exciting release so here’s the latest update on what will change when this is live:

Both WebApps and Modules are having their structure updated from Form Configurations to JSON. With this change, both will be easier to build and edit within CLI; speed improvements will be experienced both front-end and back-end; and new features can be added much more easily and quicker.

But what about Automations themselves?

WebApps and Modules will have a new tab for you to set up your chosen automations.

Choose a trigger from item create, update, delete (either front-end or back-end); and choose to send an email, trigger an API call, or perform a custom action.

You can find out more information about the recent updates of automations here: Forum and Roadmap

Come Back Next Month

We have some exciting updates coming next month that we can't wait to share with you all, such as a full release of Automations after a successful Alpha release, and Studio updates (you can find out more about Studio updates to come here. Keep an eye on the Roadmap for more information!

You can also take a look and keep an eye on Admin and API updates here.

Join us next month where we'll take a look at all the key releases from July.

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