The Monthly Round Up - May

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
07 June 2021
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Welcome to our monthly round-up for May.

This month we see the release of CRM Companies & Addresses, Invoices in Portal and some all-important bugs that have been patched.

Let’s get started.

Huge updates to CRM


CRM is expanding and becoming more powerful with each update.

With the release of Companies to CRM, you can now group users by companies, and view a list of all existing companies added.

Keep your contacts organised and flexible.

Choose to set a primary contact, email address and address for each company, utilising pre-built fields.

Users from businesses can now choose to use their company's saved global address, ensuring a speedier and more seamless checkout experience.

Enhance your forms with the ability for users to fill in this information on signing up, and editing within their details.

You can find out how to get started with Companies here.


Our development team have been hard at work releasing a hugely popular feature request from our roadmap.

Introducing: The option to add addresses specific to companies and users using pre-built fields.

Save even more time by adding grouped address fields to forms.

Users can add, edit and save these for a later shipping address; or opt to use the company address instead!

These addresses are instantly pulled through to your Orders.

From product details to payment to shipping and billing addresses, Orders has everything you need. Simply forward this to your delivery team and you're ready to go!



You can now easily view a list of all invoices with their respective site within your admin, url, plan and status. With one site or multiple sites, simply search, filter, or sort to find the invoices you need across the board.

Quickly access your invoices in Stripe to view more information, download or pull this data through to other apps.

You can also now view all invoices for your entire Agency!

Bug Fixes

With less features rolling out this month, our team have been busy squashing bugs behind the scenes to help make your Siteglide experience much smoother, including:

  • With a fix being released, blank SEO fields are no longer being outputted as they were in some cases.
  • Our team have also released a patch for CRM fields on forms, hand over full control of users details back to your users. They can add and edit all of their details and custom fields.
  • We’ve improved the wording on ‘remove from favourite’ alert boxes!

Come Back Next Month

We’ve got some upcoming releases that we’re excited to share with you!

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

  • A public-facing demo site (showcasing a wide range of variety of features across our platform!
  • The ability to rollback WebApp items to previous versions
  • Agency Expert Profiles within Portal
  • The start of Module Marketplace
  • A UI for Studio Variables (take a look of what’s currently in alpha)

Join us next month where we'll take a look at all the key releases from June.

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