Zapier App Of The Day - 20th April 2021

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
07 June 2021
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Ever been to Space? Neither have we...yet! We’re on a mission for the moon; with our ever-expanding platform, reaching new milestones every month including new badges and new titles.

Built on AWS, with the latest tools and equipment, Siteglide stands as a top contender for a Business Catalyst replacement and best DXP for small businesses. Siteglide helps you build and manage Digital Experiences such as Online Courses, Marketplaces, Membership Sites and Customer Portals.

Zapier App Of The Day - 20th April 2021

Every day one app from the best of the best are chosen by the Zapier team to take the ‘App of the Day’ title.

Past industry leaders to hold this title include the likes of Slack, Microsoft Teams, Amazon, Dropbox and Google, leaving big shoes to fill.

We’re excited to celebrate this milestone of Siteglide standing as Zapier’s App Of The Day on 20th April 2021.

With flexible, secure, enterprise-grade software, Siteglide will take you to new heights.

Read more about Siteglide as Zapier’s App Of The Day here: Zapier Siteglide App Spotlight

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online solution that enables you to connect your website to thousands of third-party solutions, you can automate your business processes and solve customer problems. All with at the click of a button.

Siteglide Zapier App

With Siteglide’s flexible database where your data is not siloed, you can accomplish almost anything.

By opening our doors to Zapier, you have full access to all of your site data: grow your Email Marketing lists, connect with accounting software, send new orders to your delivery teams, and so much more. Let Zapier do the work for you.

Use popular automations with our Zapier app to help save your clients both time and money:

Send new Form Submissions directly to Mailchimp, grow your Email Marketing lists without ever having to leave Siteglide. With this automation working behind the scenes, your clients no longer need to manually export and import data between platforms or consolidate lists to remove duplicates.

When site visitors registrar for one of your events, send their registrations to a Google Sheet so that the data is automatically communicated and linked with the numerous other moving parts going on to deliver a quality experience to your event attendees.

New orders are exciting! Sometimes these can be missed in a sea of emails. Why not dedicate a Slack channel to these brand new orders shared with your delivery company?

Keep everyone in the loop with one automated notification, celebrate and collaborate to get those new orders shipped.

What Our Customers Say

“We have also been impressed by how easily accessing the data and manipulating via API has been enabling us to easily integrate with other platforms.” - Rox D, Ascend7 (G2 Review)

“We like how easy it is to migrate websites to the Siteglide platform and then how easy it is to incorporate and automate workflows using the built-in Zapier functionality.” - Tom W, KAL Dublin (G2 Review)

“We love it's integration with Zapier, the ability to build membership sites with Secure Zones and eCommerce. With it we're able to build smart, database driven sites where we can efficiently import/export data when needed, and give the client an easy editing experience as well.” - Devon R, Enginate (G2 Review)

G2 Best DXP for Small Business

G2 is one of the leading comparison websites for the best business software and services; releasing quarterly reports with spotlights on the highest-rated solutions - rated by the users.

Siteglide stands strong on G2, as voted by our customers. We’ve won 13 awards, including Best DXP for Small Business.

Find out what more of our customers have to say about Siteglide:

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