SiteGurus Business Catalyst Rescue Package

The affordable, easy and risk-free BC migration option!

Siteglide Gold Expert, SiteGurus, are offering a fantastic option for those still needing to move their website(s) from Adobe Business Catalyst before it is permanently deleted on 26th September 2021:

The SiteGurus Rescue Package 🚑

For only $750 including the 1st year's Siteglide Starter subscription (or $400 without the subscription) they will ensure your site is fully backed up and you have a working web presence when Adobe turn off the BC servers on 27th September 2021.

What the Rescue Package includes

There are only a few weeks left before Adobe closes down the Business Catalyst platform and ALL websites are permanently DELETED. If you still have sites on BC, you risk losing your web presence (all content and data) unless you act fast.

BC and Siteglide experts, SiteGurus, are running a special offer for all BC agencies and end clients between now and September 26th 2021. They’re calling it ‘Mission Critical’ and it’s a deal of two halves. Here’s what you get:-

Choose your solution

SiteGurus import your website and then advise you on the best option to ensure you have a live web presence after EOL.

Website Export

An export of all accessible data on BC’s servers sent to you in a ZIP file.

Data Export

An export of your CRM data (customers, orders, cases), subject to Adobe’s limitations, sent as a CSV export.

1st year included

One year’s Siteglide Starter Plan Fee included (value $540).

Time to plan Phase 2

Ensure your web presence remains, secure your data and have time to plan improvements that can be made after BC EOL.

Place in the queue

By buying the rescue package you're added to the queue for further development after EOL starting 27th September 2021.

Helping you choose the right solution

SiteGurus know not every site and project is the same and there isn't a one size fits all solution for migrating from Business Catalyst. With only a few weeks before it closes down they've put together a process to find the best solution that is also possible in the time frame. Here's the process (remember more work can be done at a later date as they will also ensure you have a full backup available):

Website Import

SiteGurus will run the Static Import process to pull the website into Siteglide. They will analyse and recommend one or more of the following options.

Option 1

For simpler sites it might import perfectly in which case they will propose that it can go live as is (or a few minor tweaks) and help you get up and running in no time.

Option 2

The import has gone well but some areas/pages simply will not work as they are. They will recommend which sections to 'turn off' and hide until after EOL.

Option 3

A fully responsive, best practice Landing Page built using Siteglide Studio with your branding and content applied.

Solve your BC migration problems in 3 steps:

1. Purchase

Book your migration in now, guaranteed spaces are limited.

2. Access

Simply invite to your BC site.

3. SiteGurus do the rest

They will then export all your data, setup your new 3 page website on Siteglide.

Full Details

  1. SiteGurus will import the complete site into Siteglide using the CLI import tool. (Please note that any errors on the existing site will not be fixed at import.) You can then decide whether to use the existing site as is, hide broken pages or opt for the responsive SiteGurus Landing Page based on Siteglide Studio.
  2. CRM data export: please note that BC does not allow for automated exports of extended CRM data. If you have valuable data in an Adobe extended CRM, we suggest you manually export this prior to End of Life.
  3. Early adopters of this offer will be first in the queue for Phase II work starting after September 26th.
  4. Full payment is required to start work.
  5. You will need to add to your BC Admin.
  6. Post-September 27th, SiteGurus will be in touch with you to discuss building out the hidden pages and converting static pages to dynamic WebApp items as well as enabling eCommerce functionality. They will also discuss site improvements such as a refresh or makeover. There is no obligation whatsoever to continue with Phase II; the choice is yours.
  7. Use of Siteglide is subject to our End User Licence Agreement.